You’re Invited to Headshot Day at DDB Spring Market

2016.0523.Events.Launch.Headshot Day

Headshot Day

LaunchDATE: Wednesday, June 8

TIME: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

LOCATION: Benjamin Moore
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1803, NYC

Regardless of how famous you are or plan to be, you’re a professional for crying out loud and your headshot should reflect that. This means your Facebook profile pic just won’t do, nor will that “headshot” that you’re still using from the mid to late 90s. (Feathered bangs went out of style years ago, just sayin’.) That’s why we at Editor at Large are offering headshot sessions. The package includes a 15-minute session with a professional portrait photographer, a selection of proofs and one retouched image, delivered to you as both a high-resolution image file and web-ready version.

Price: $125

Space is limited. 

Once you register, contact Naomi Becker at or (212) 904-1040 to secure a specific time slot.