You’re Invited: Designing Massive Action Webinar w/ Bruce Mau & Humanscale

An exciting webinar is happening next Wednesday, October 19 at 12pm ET, hosted by Humanscale.

Designer, author, educator and artist, Bruce Mau, will be discussing the various ways architects and designers can take cues from nature and accelerate the practice of life, from urban environments to architecture to interior spaces to objects. The 45-minute presentation will aim to show the opportunity we have to create the maximum positive impact and an abundant future for all. Bruce will also be taking 15-minutes to answer all your burning questions in real time.

Designing Massive Action
Wednesday, October 19, 2022


About Humanscale: 

Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. In keeping with its philosophy of renewable design, all Humanscale products are engineered to have minimal impact on our environment, leaving the world better off each time they’re made. Humanscale goes beyond conventional net zero targets towards net positivity and is the only manufacturer that qualifies for the level and number of independent certifications as for healthy materials, material transparency, Level® Certification and sustainable operations.


  • Humanscale is the only manufacturer to have achieved the entire LPC (Living Product Challenge) certification (all 20 imperatives).
  • Recycled and/or recyclable materials account for approximately 85% (by weight) of all materials used in Humanscale products and its packaging contains approximately 40% recycled content.
  • Whenever possible, Humanscale manufactures its products using 100% recycled aluminum instead of plastics or other alternatives.
  • In 2018, Humanscale was the first furniture manufacturer to use reclaimed fishing nets from the ocean in its products.
  • Humanscale has been aggressively working to eliminate any red list ingredients from all of its products. Of the few it had left, Humanscale eliminates at least one each year.
  • 100% of new Humanscale products were launched with an ingredients label.
  • Almost a third of Declare labels in the entire furniture industry were published by Humanscale, even though we make up less than 4% of the industry by sales volume.
  • 100% of Humanscale products meet or exceed environmental laws and regulations.
  • Humanscale has two decades of design and manufacturing experience using recycled and/or recyclable materials.
  • Humanscale is a proud sponsor of the World Wildlife Fund, and its founder and CEO, Bob King, has served on WWF’s National Council since 1999.

About Bruce Mau:

Designer, author, educator and artist Bruce Mau is a brilliantly creative optimist whose love of thorny problems led him to create a methodology for life–centered design. Across thirty years of design innovation, he’s collaborated with global brands and companies, leading organizations, heads of state, renowned artists and fellow optimists.

Mau became an international figure with the publication of his landmark S,M,L,XL, designed and co–authored with Rem Koolhaas, and his most recent books are Mau MC24: Bruce Mau’s 24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in Your Life and Work and, with co-author, Julio Ottino, dean of Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, The Nexus: Augmented Thinking for a Complex World – The New Convergence of Art, Technology, and Science. He is co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network, a holistic design collective based in the Chicago area.