The Euroluce 2023 Exhibitions: Constellations, curated by Beppe Finessi

Exhibition Project: Formafantasma
18th – 23rd April, Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15

A multidisciplinary exhibition, spread out right along the exhibition path of the four Euroluce exhibitions, consisting of seven “open” exhibition spaces dotted along the length of the exhibition path of the four Euroluce pavilions, brought together by a unique, recognisable architectural language. It is a contemporary art exhibition, above all, with works by various masters including Aldo Mondino, François Morellet and Keith Sonnier, by established leading figures on the international scene such as Monica Bonvicini, Andrea Bowers, Mark Handforth and Sislej Xhafa, with pieces by free, crosscutting authors such as Corrado Levi and Nanda Vigo, and by not easily classified experimenters like Mathieu Mercier, Duccio Maria Gambi and Valentin Ruhry. It is also an exhibition that boasts the genuinely exceptional presence of a series of images by one of the most original and internationally renowned contemporary photographers, Guido Guidi; as well as an exhibition with two powerful and thrilling tributes to two benchmark Italian architects, Gae Aulenti and Umberto Riva, who devoted part of their design oeuvre to “lamps” as a typology, masters that will be narrated through a multitude of original designs, and featuring some of their objects that have already earned a place in the history of design. Constellations is built around seven exhibition ‘intermezzos’ that will host pieces and content that are all devoted to the theme of “light.” Each work will be accompanied by a written critical comment by different authors, some of today’s most authoritative contemporary critics. “Constellations is symbolic of the general concept underlying the Euroluce 2023 project The City of Lights: polycentric, multidisciplinary and plural. Constellations is a widespread exhibition, featuring works by authors from the worlds of contemporary art, architecture, design and photography, and is scientifically supported by original critical contributions, written by different authors, experts that have cast their sensitive and penetrating eyes on the work of these original artists and designers,” said Beppe Finessi.

Corrado LEVI Edipo 2003
Gae Aulenti_633-GI_Ruspa_1
Valentin Ruhry_Ziehen Pull

Exhibition Project

Responding to the need to create exhibition spaces for the works of art and design curated by Beppe Finessi, Formafantasma has devised a modular display system made from wood. Despite their different configurations, the structures all feature the repetition of a module/frame. The idea was to come up with a lightweight, reusable and recyclable display system. The materials are all easily disassembled and paint has been deliberately eschewed in order to leave the materials and joints clearly visible. The Constellations design is geared to providing spaces suitable for showcasing the works whilst also catering for visitors, allowing them to stop and rest on the seats integrated into the structures themselves. “When we are designing exhibition spaces, our aim is to come up with simple, efficient spaces that respect both the content and the observer, adding as little as possible to what the works themselves eloquently express. Conceived as an oasis comprised of wood and paper, we hope that Constellations will work as a place for reflection,” said Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin.


Architect, PhD, he is an educator (Associate Professor of Interior Architecture and Venue Design at Milan Polytechnic University, where he teaches Design and Arts), a critic (he edited the magazine Abitare from 2000 to 2007, under Italo Lupi) and researcher (curating exhibitions and publications on the work of the masters of Italian design, such as Bruno Munari, Angelo Mangiarotti, Vico Magistretti and Alessandro Mendini). In 2010, he founded and ran the publication Inventario, netting an ADI Golden Compass Award.

He curated Italian Design Beyond the Crisis, the seventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum (2014) and The Spoon and the City, the inaugural and permanent ADI Design Museum exhibition (2021).

He has curated a number of exhibitions for the Salone del Mobile di Milano, including: Avverati. A Dream come True (2007), Marvellous Tables (2008), Unexpected Guests (2010), Rooms (2016) and SaloneSatellite. 20 Years of New Creativity (2017).

He’s been a member of the SaloneSatellite Selection Committee from the first edition onwards (1998).

FORMAFANTASMA (Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin).

Formafantasma is a research-based design studio exploring the ecological, historical, political and social forces shaping the discipline of design today. The studio applies the same rigorous attention to context, processes and details. Formafantasma’s analytical nature translates into particularly meticulous visual outcomes, products and strategies.