Navigating AI, Forecasting, and Talent: A Project Manager’s Handbook to 2024

Are your Project Managers ready to embrace the waves of change in the A/E industry?

Join Unanet’s Lucas Hayden, Sr. Director of AEC Strategy, as he demystifies the complexities of AI, forecasting challenges, and talent dynamics at play in 2024.

Dive deep with us to gain expertise that will empower you to:

  • Identify influential trends redefining the A/E landscape in the coming year.
  • Understand how AI can enhance the way you manage and deliver projects
  • Stay ahead with advanced forecasting tools that enhance decision-making abilities.
  • Establish a robust talent management framework that aligns with the evolving industry.


Lucas Hayden, Director of AEC Strategy at Unanet

Lucas Hayden leads AEC Strategy for Unanet products. Unanet is built to help AEC firms do business better and Lucas, with a background in development, data, education, and client services, works to provide solutions that help firms solve problems, innovate, and refine their business processes.

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