Materica presents INTERNA_MENTE, on stage at Alcova from April 17 to 23

Matter transforms giving life to a chamber of mirrors. An installation that encourages reflection, self-reflection and listening. A place outside of space and time, inhabited by an image that comes from afar to communicate with our inner selves. An immersive experience created by Materica, a Veneto-based company specialized in wire-metallization of diverse surface materials for surprising aesthetic effects.

On stage at Alcova from April 17 to 23, 2023, a space formerly occupied by an abattoir, on Viale Molise 62 in Milan.

Materica, which specializes in the wire metallization of the most diverse surfaces, is participating for the first time in Milano Design Week with its own installation: INTERNA_MENTEIn this immersive experience, the Veneto-based company explores its alchemical ability to transform materials in surprising and beautiful ways.

In an always-open process of experimentation, Materica brings new expressive capabilities out of almost every type of material, such as wood, marble, stone, steel and textiles. An electric arc gun melts wires of pure metal, from brass to bronze, zinc to copper, micronizing them and projecting them at high speed as tiny particles onto the surface to be coated. The metal particles immediately adhere to a pre-treated surface and quickly cool, thus preserving the material and coating even its finest details. It is an extremely versatile process that ennobles even the simplest and seemingly poorest materials, following geometries and enhancing textures or, in other cases, smoothing and homogenizing even the most rough, uneven surfaces. The metal can then be further treated – oxidized, colored, silvered, antiqued or polished – for a wide variety of characters and sensory effects.

Maurizio Orfino, CEO di Materica, says:

We transform material to create a feeling. Only then do we get the sense that we have reached our goal. And every time, on the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, design and technique, we find that alchemy, based on secret recipes that we fine-tune depending on the materials and the aesthetic challenges at hand. Whether it’s giving a metallic appearance to compostable polystyrene, encapsulating a rich velvet, or gilding a “plain” material like OSB”.

In Alcova’s spaces, a former cold storage room becomes a striking chamber of mirrors.

The interior, fully lined in recycled MDF sheets metallized to mirror-like effect and treated with ever-changing oxidation and coloration processes, creates a kaleidoscope of continuous refractions. The interplay of reflections is enriched by the numerous color effects, embracing and surrounding the visitor by infinitely expanding and dilating the dimensions of the environment. In an instant, you are transported away from the rest of the world. You enter a suspended, intimate and hidden dimension and immediately encounter a mysterious figure that reveals other aspects of Materica’s transformative abilities. A shape that seems to come from an indefinite horizon, modeled in compostable polystyrene, fully metallized and reflective like the rest of the installation. The metal wire follows its sinuosity and highlights its sculptural plasticity.

Tiziano Guardini e Luigi Ciuffreda, creative directors of Materica’s installation, say:

“We wanted to create a place outside of space and time, where you can find yourself welcomed and heard. A temple where we can take a moment to feel like “ourselves,” outside of the pressures of society, the superficial, appearances and absences. The mirrored surfaces that reflect us make us the central characters of our own being, here in the present. Face to face with a figure that in turn acts as our mirror. The interior becomes exterior, because that image is the materialization of our intimate dialogue with ourselves”.

Materica invites us to travel outside of time through transformed matter, cloaked in a new metallic guise and a new identity full of magic and beauty.