Join IFDA at One of New York’s Hottest, Star-studded Auctions

This year’s Honorees clockwise from top left:
Daniel Beauchemin (Chelsea Frames), Charles Pavarini III, Alan Tanksley, Billy Porter

Charles Pavarini III, an IFDA member  and Circle of Excellence Awardee, is being honored by the Bailey House  for his volunteer work, at their gala  on March 7th at Chelsea Piers.

Join IFDA in celebration and to participate in one of New York’s hottest, star-studded auctions on behalf of the Bailey House – Housing Works charities. The event will sell-out as the auction venue for art, travel, dining, theatre and home furnishings is one of the most exciting and social events of the year! The acquisitions are incredible and the strolling art and product advice: second to none!

To join us at the event:

Here’s more about Bailey House and Housing Works:   Bailey House is a New York based charity that provides supportive housing for people living with HIV and AIDS and advocates on their behalf. In addition, the program connects individuals with medical care and other health and social services.

As committee members ourselves, we can guarantee you an incredible evening for sure!

Rose Hittmeyer, Pavarini Design and IFDA NY Chapter Administrator
David Santiago, Casa Santi and IFDA NY President Elect
IFDA Bailey House Auction Committee Co-Chairs


The International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), founded in New York City in 1947 and now with 10 chapters worldwide, provides a professional forum for communication and interaction among its high-profile members. The IFDA, a not-for-profit volunteer-run association, also promotes career advancement and educational opportunities and is structured to increase public awareness of the furnishings and design industry through specialized programming, networking and service to the community.