Join Haworth on the Workspace Nudge Book Tour—Happening Now

Want to learn how to fuel an engaged workforce, attract top talent, develop high-performance environments, and bring innovative practices to work? That’s what the Workspace Nudge™ is all about.

After great events last year, we’re continuing the Workspace Nudge™ Book Tour. The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture, and Buildings Lead to High Performance, is the culmination of a Haworth sponsored project led by futurist, Rex Miller. Co-authored by Dr. Michael O’Neill, the book incorporates over two years of research from over 100 corporate leaders and experts who have tackled the problems of employee health costs and disengagement.

Please join us at a location near you for dialogue about a more humanistic approach to creating restorative workplaces versus stress-inducing mechanisms—while also supporting a business’s bottom line.

Find a Nudge book tour location near you, see the schedule, and RSVP today.