IFI World Interiors Day 2023

A Special IFI 60th Anniversary Celebration & Yearlong Topic Exploration


Members’-Choice IFI WID 2023 Theme and Topic of Exploration for IFI 60th Anniversary Activities & Events

We are delighted to launch the 2023 edition of IFI’s world-community project – IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID). It is once again time to unite together to celebrate and revel in the benefit and betterment Interior Architecture/Design brings to humanity. And, to honor the spectrum of people whose dedicated efforts fill our spaces with beauty and meaning.

In 2023, marking the 60th year of IFI establishing Interior Architecture/Design at the world level and the 35th marking IFI WID, we invite you to explore and celebrate the theme of “Sustainability, Design & Beauty”. Sustainability, now intrinsic to all design and human activities, allows for blue-sky thinking and is open to interpretation. This year, we will probe this topic across a number of special anniversary programs and events. We invite you to join us.

Share with your colleagues and the world what this theme means to you as a design advocate and enthusiast. Let’s demonstrate how we deliver supportable beauty and vitality to the spaces and environments in our unique contexts and communities.

This inclusive worldwide event is celebrated throughout the entire month of May, and officially recognized this year on Saturday, 27 May 2023. Start your planning now.

About IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID)

Promoting global connections, perspectives and knowledge, IFI WID, a 35-year IFI event, is akin to Earth Day. It is an annual opportunity for all designers and enthusiasts to unite through themed explorations and celebrations – large and small. IFI WID raises public awareness, recognizing the value of Interiors and all who make built environments.


Celebrated globally, IFI WID invites design professionals, industry leaders, students and enthusiasts along with institutions, governments and the general public to organize activities and events that bring community members together to explore, learn, discover and create.

In-person or virtual, anything is possible.

  • Expand design awareness within your community or self
  • Showcase your projects or team
  • Consider work, wellbeing and flexibility
  • Address diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Recognize an influential person or space
  • Adopt the IFI Interiors Declaration
  • Plan a live social media event
  • Have a debate or discussion
  • Collaborate across borders or in the metaverse
  • Become an activist
  • Your imagination is the only limit!

We invite you to action. Take advantage of IFI 60th anniversary opportunities, like IFI WID, to mobilize your members, team, colleagues, clients and students. Come together to uplift and advocate our critical Interiors discipline as a community.

Your vibrant creativity and diversity give purposeful shape and meaning not only to the places and experiences we design and inhabit, but also to the heart of IFI. We look forward to witnessing your creative magic and for us to foster success together.

Start planning for IFI WID 2023 today!