IFDA presents LUNCH CLUB- Happiness and the Power of Color


3rd Wednesday of every month 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

NYDC at 200 Lexington Ave- Conference Room 16th Floor

BYOB lunch or purchase at the Butterfield Cafe

Please join other IFDA members for round table discussions on a variety of industry related topics including:

Client Management

Contracts, Insurance, Legal issues

PR and Promotion

Running Your Business- software, apps, systems, invoicing, digital tools

Hiring and Working With Employees

Using Social Media and BloggingTo Make More Sales

Pricing for Interior Designers

Online Stores vs. Brick and Mortar

Developing and Selling Products

Branding and Finding your Niche Market

What You Should Know About Materials

APRIL 17th: THE POWER OF COLOR Special Guest Speaker: Betsy Karp


Are you tired of getting up in the morning frustrated with no energy and a lack of desire for what you’re doing? Discover how the alchemy of color can shift your mood, uplift your energy, and change your attitude completely. See for yourself how color has incredible healing powers and is a beautiful tool to bring out your best, authentic self. Betsy will share her knowledge of color theory, chakra healing, and a color-guided meditation to shift your mindset and energy.

Come experience how to FEEL color from the inside out!

Betsy Karp, The Color Coach is a certified health and wellness counselor, fashion designer, artist and a spiritual mentor. Her passion for the visual arts inspired her to use color-healing techniques to create inspirational color programs where she helps people connect to their mind, body, and soul through the use of color. Color inspires, motivates, empowers, heals and uplifts ones energy and disposition. Betsy helps you regain the clarity and self-love you need to transform you life with color, guiding you on a path to a healthy and positive lifestyle. Learning how consciously integrating color into your life can change you mood, relationships, and you outlook on life. Betsy creates a safe space in a healing environment to help you restore balance, harmony and vitality. Through special color healing techniques, she incorporates guided meditation, personal color analysis, and chakra healing. During the process you will work together to design a map of the journey to achieve your personal goals and desired living. Her clients walk away feeling alive, inspired and happy.

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