Humanscale Showcasing Tech and Design at Two NYCxDesign Shows


Thought Leadership and New Product Innovations from Ergonomic Leader Take Center Stage at BKLYN Designs and Tech+  

This month as NYCxDesign takes over New York, Humanscale, the leading designer and manufacturer of products that enhance health and wellness at work, will showcase their workspace solutions in two locations. BKLYN DESIGNS and Tech+, a new show for intelligent and sustainable products, each provide an opportunity for the company to showcase its unique strengths, from the creative force behind its design team to its innovative solutions in technology.

BKLYN Designs
Brooklyn Expo Center
May 5-7


In an intersection of art, architecture and design, BKLYN DESIGNS brings the New York borough’s creative community together, hosting Brooklyn-based makers and thinkers in talks, workshops and exhibits. This year the BKLYN DESIGNS keynote, sponsored by Humanscale, will be presented by Todd Bracher. A Brooklyn-native and graduate of Pratt Institute, Bracher is also serving as Humanscale’s Acting Creative Director. He will examine the role of designers in the current business landscape and share why good design must be as strategic as it is beautiful and functional.

The keynote presentation will take place on a stage featuring Humanscale’s Trea chairs, designed by Bracher. Trea’s form is derived from an investigation into nature’s response to integrated articulation and is inspired by the lobster shell: an exoskeleton that moves in harmony with the living organism it protects. By following the cues of natural design, Bracher developed a solution that accommodates the body’s movements without knobs, dials and levers.

Upon entering the Brooklyn Expo Center, BKLYN DESIGNS visitors will encounter another Humanscale solution. A chandelier of Vessel pendant lights, also designed by Bracher, will be suspended above the entrance. Born from a mission to create a perfect throw of glare-free light, Vessel is the result of a study in optical engineering. A simple quartz crystal cylinder, the Vessel pendent is minimalist by design, but the chandelier promises a dramatic display, showcasing each of its three optic lengths.

Metropolitan West
May 23

Humanscale will take part in the inaugural edition of Tech+. Organized by The Architect’s Newspaper, it will showcase the most recent innovations helping designers create spaces for the future. Tech+ is a perfect venue for Humanscale innovations from OfficeIQ, a sensor-based solution that promotes healthy activity in the workplace, to the QuickStand line of retrofittable sit/stand workstations. In addition to the booth, Humanscale representative Jim Kidd will be giving a presentation titled OfficeIQ: Shaping the Future of Work and Well-Being at 3pm on the main stage.

Product highlights at Tech+ will include:

OfficeIQ family


Developed in partnership with Tome, a Detroit-based software company, it uses the Internet of Things to promote employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. Using sensor technology from a lightweight, retrofittable box positioned on or under the work surface, OfficeIQ gathers data on sit/stand use, calculates incremental caloric expenditure, and provides opt-in users with real-time feedback on their activity at workstations. Like a wearable, it gamifies the experience. Individuals can receive activity scores and alerts with smart sit/stand reminders, while companies can track occupancy and utilization rates. OfficeIQ was designed with a “Don’t be Creepy” policy to protect user privacy while providing employers with aggregated data. With new prototypes in the work for 2017, including wearable integration that collects data from workstations and from activities throughout the day, OfficeIQ promises to deliver users a more complete overview of their daily health and activity.

QuickStand Under Desk

QuickStand Under Desk

An innovative new height-adjustable workstation, QuickStand Under Desk relocates the central column from the original QuickStand design to position it, as the name implies, under the desk, for a clean, minimalist appearance. Maintaining the counterbalance mechanism and built-in cable management from the original design, QuickStand Under Desk is an ideal choice to create an elegant and clutter-free, ergonomic workstation.

QuickStand Eco

QuickStand Eco

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is an economical and easy-to-use height-adjustable workstation that works right out of the box. After the success of the QuickStand series, QuickStand Eco will offer the easiest installation to date. This next generation QuickStand product offers the same ergonomic performance and flexibility as the original, but at a more consumer-friendly price point. The more sustainable option. QuickStand Eco also features an innovative counterbalance mechanism that enables users with fixed-height computer desks to transition between sitting and standing positions with ease. Its function is intuitive, allowing the user to simply lift the workstation up to a standing height as they rise to change positions.

About Humanscale

Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Through leveraging new technology in functional yet minimal designs, Humanscale transforms traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces. Committed to making a net-positive impact on the earth as well as our customers, Humanscale offers award-winning products designed with a focus on function, simplicity and longevity. For more information, visit