Healthy City Design 2017: Oct. 16-17 in London

Healthy City Design 2017 (HCD 2017) Congress and Exhibition will be held on 16–17 October, 2017 at the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK, and will provide an interdisciplinary forum for policy advisors, researchers and practitioners from around the globe.

Organized by SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange in collaboration with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, the congress seeks to share and stimulate new research, innovative practice and progressive policy ideas on how to design economically and ecologically sustainable cities that enhance citizen health and wellbeing.

Healthy City Design 2017 features two days of high-level, insightful, provocative and entertaining presentations. Each day will open and close with keynote plenary sessions before splitting up into three streams (six in total). Day one will focus on city-making, sustainable development and smarter cities, while day two will cover issues around urban planning, homes and neighborhoods, and work and mobility.

Urban populations are growing at an unprecedented rate, a trend which – when set against the backdrop of an ageing society, rising obesity and chronic conditions, and the urgent need to respond to climate change – presents a powerful case for new thinking on how to design more sustainable, resilient cities that enhance health, wellbeing and social inclusion.

The World Health Organization defines a healthy city as one that “supports health, recreation and wellbeing, safety, social interaction, easy mobility, a sense of pride and cultural identity, and… is accessible to the needs of all its citizens”. More recently, in a Lancet series on urban design, transport and health, cities are highlighted as the “key to the future sustainable development agenda”.

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