Designtex Collaborates with Ecovative Design, Harry Allen and Pfeiffer Lab at Design Pavillion

One pavilion. Two collaborations. In celebration of NYCxDesign, Designtex is collaborating on an architectural assemblage with Ecovative Design, Harry Allen and Pfeiffer Lab at Design Pavilion. An immersive urban experience seeking to engage the community and promote the power of design, Design Pavilion will feature sustainable products, including Designtex fabrics and architectural birch plywood panels from Designtex Surface Imaging.

Ecovative has created MycoFoam™ and MycoBoard™ interior acoustic tiles, featuring environmentally-friendly fabrics from Designtex. Ecovative’s Cradle to Cradle Gold™ certified Mushroom® Materials meet the function and sustainability needs of the architecture and design community. These tiles will be unveiled at the Ecovative Pavilion at Design Pavilion, which will also feature Designtex Surface Imaging.

Design Pavilion
May 7-11
Astor Place Plaza
Greenwich Village
New York, NY.

Designtex.Design Pavilion

Designtex Array
Weave, Harry Allen

Array (pictured below) is one of the seven Climatex® collection styles, using an unprecedented design and manufacturing process that has proven its sustainability over close to two decades. The collection, developed in collaboration with William McDonough, is based upon his concept of “waste = food”. Array is a biological-nutrient upholstery that can break down and return safely to the earth after its useful life, becoming nutrient-giving “food”. Array, offered in a total of 21 colorways, is Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified.

Inspired by Designtex’s sustainable practices as well as Ecovative’s great environmental platform, Harry Allen sought to create a completely compostable acoustic tile for Ecovative Interiors. He achieved his goal by pairing Array with Ecovative’s MycoFoam, a formaldehyde-free engineered wood. The materials are joined with an equally innovative and environmentally sound soybased adhesive called Soy Skins, manufactured by e2e.

His final product, Weave (pictured above), is a homage to the craft of weaving which he admires. The Weave tile is simply a wave in form, creating a woven structure upon assembly. Array has a finely stippled surface composed of subtle color juxtapositions that enliven the plain weave structure, pairing perfectly with the refined Weave tile. The marriage of Array and MycoBoard represents a beautiful fusion of form and function for healthy interior solutions.

Designtex.Design Pavilion-2

Designtex Pigment 2711
Wall Flower, Pfeiffer Lab

Pigment (pictured below, at left) is 100% wool and biodegradable. So this product may contribute to LEED Materials and Resources credit for Rapidly Renewable Content. Additionally, this fabric has EU Ecolabel certification, which means Pigment is made with healthy materials and dyes. The EU Ecolabel ensures environmental excellence, identifying products with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

Beauty, sustainability and utility are three core values of Designtex and also surmise Pfeiffer Lab’s design approach. Guided by this design approach, Eric Pfeiffer for Pfeiffer Lab set out to create a beautiful and useful acoustic tile (pictured below, at right) for Ecovative Interiors. Inspired by nature, Eric designed Wall Flower, a collection of circular acoustic tiles featuring the Designtex fabric Pigment.

Each independent acoustic tile, which can be arranged into countless compositions, is constructed of Ecovative’s MycoBoard, a healthy, sustainable engineered wood product that uses mycelium as a natural resin, and covered in Pigment. This wool product creates a beautiful and sustainable acoustic solution for Wall Flower.

“We love the idea of growing products and designing for sustainability. These “grown” tiles are a perfect example of the great things that can happen when like-minded problem solvers come together. We are thrilled that Harry Allen has chosen our C2C Gold Certified textile, Array, and [Pfeiffer Lab] has chosen our EU Ecolabel certified Pigment as part of this exciting and intelligent product development,” said Susan Lyons, President, Designtex.

Designtex.Design Pavilion-3

Designtex Surface Imaging, Birch Plywood
Design Pavilion

Designtex Surface Imaging offers architects and designers the opportunity to create a broad range of customized surfaces that are as unique as the buildings and spaces they design. Customized informational panels will be featured at Design Pavilion. These 100% birch plywood panels hope to create a beautiful, engaging and one-of-a-kind environment.

“Made possible by the infusion of the extraordinary creative energy of Ilene Shaw, Harry Allen, and other industry leaders into Ecovative’s ecosystem, these featured product designs illustrate what is possible when there is a shared commitment to the idea: design drives change,” said Jeff Betts, of Ecovative’s Design Lab.

Additional information about Ecovative Design can be found here and more information about Design Pavilion can be found here.

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