DeLightFuL Offers Sensorial Salone Experience

DeLightFuL – Design, Light, Future, Living
Brand-new and unconventional visions of contemporary design

Following on from Before Design: Classic, Ciarmoli Queda Studio’s project dedicated to exploring the concept of the classic presented at the 55th Salone del Mobile di Milano, for the 2017 event the pair will be delving into at the world of contemporary design in their inimitably original, unusual and exciting approach.

The result is DeLightFuL (Pav. 15), a visual and sensory exploration of everyday living and the contemporary space, reflecting on the new generations and investigating the new ways in which they live in and conceive the domestic space: fluid and cross-cutting, a balance between technology and archetypal living, between public and private, between basic needs and new desires in a bid to achieve creativity and overturn the traditional subdivisions into functional areas.

This approach to living beyond borders in a transitory and shared lifestyle is reality for the under-36 year old Millennials, who today represents a quarter of the world’s population. Before the Millennials, nobody ever considered living space as a flexible and temporary configuration capable of changing rapidly to meet changing needs, requirements and life stages, in a generation that feels equally at ease in Milan or New York, living ever-more mobile lives inside and outside the four walls of the home. The always-connected Millennials are the generation of “me” and of social sharing. Surrounded by design, well informed and with well-defined tastes, they seek personalisation and shun standardisation; they care about quality, and have a concept of luxury that revolves around “experience and authenticity”. This increasingly widespread trend is something that we may define as “primitive luxury”.

“Primitive luxury” is a design approach that strikes a balance between today and tomorrow; it is an evolution of the response to authentic, essential and primordial needs expressed through a richness of precious and recherché materials, seductive forms, and warm, welcoming solutions.

“Contemporary living has changed how we live,” say Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda. “Technology plays a key role as space moulds itself to respond to human beings’ needs, and yet our vital requirements have not changed: people continue to eat and sleep and sit down round tables. This realisation prompted us to come up with contemporary scenarios in an imaginative world suspended between the real, virtual and subject to rapid change, with the goal of achieving an overview of the multiple facets of everyday life”.

Technology, design and lighting are the common threads that run through their approach to the vital, complementary and necessary way in which we define contemporary living and its essential spaces today. Design, Light, Future and Living are the four key concepts that, together, make up DeLightFuL, a word that guides and expresses all of the event/exhibit’s forms and content.

The DeLightFuL space offers a highly engaging visual and sensorial itinerary right on the Fair site in its pavilions.

Contemporary living is defined by an architectural and poetic use of light, its ability to influence the perception of space and create a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, and its use as a theatrical element capable of outlining spaces and evoking atmospheres. Magical lighting effects will create a sort of metaphysical nest, an intimate world that, although imaginary and virtual, ensures security and serenity for those who inhabit it.

A vast selection of furnishings tells the story of contemporary design, transformed into one-off pieces through unusual combinations of materials, fabrics, treatments and colours that create high-impact installations. A series of doors provides catalysing gateways to change, leading to different spaces and a rediscovery of a renewed space for us to call home. The venture focuses very much on colour for its playful, passionate and irreverent expression of contemporary living and a new freedom of expression.

A short film d’auteur directed by Matteo Garrone forms an integral part of the project, offering a different view of the world of design by moving in a reality both tangible and illusory in a work of fantasy atmospheres and natural storytelling.

The stars of the show will be the many companies and brands taking part: Alias, Arper, Artemide, Besana, Brun De Vian Tiran, Cini&Nils, C&C Milano, Ceccotti, De Padova, Dedar, Driade, Edra, Extenzo, Fiam, Flexform, Flos, Flou, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Giorgetti, Glass Italia, Kartell, Kundalini, Lema, Living Divani, Luceplan, Magis, Martinelli Luce, Mdf Italia, Meritalia, Minotti, Molteni&C, Moroso, Oluce, Penta, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, Rimadesio, Slide, SchönhuberFranchi, Fusioni D’Arte 3v, Vetrerie Empoli and Zanotta.