De Castelli – Milan Design Week 2016 and Fuorisalone 2016

We’re pleased to present the preview of a new product that De Castelli will present in Milan during the Milan Design Week 2016, (hall 16, stand D 45).

SOLOMETALLO, designed by Nikita Bettoni
With “Wunderkammer” the brand presents Solometallo, an artefact made using metal bending, that is the fullest expression of the material in its natural state.

De Castelli will attend also other prestigious locations: the flagship store De Castelli in Corso Monforte, the exhibition “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” at the Milan Triennale and other events at FuoriSalone with Paola Lenti, Boffi and De Padova.


design Nikita Bettoni, 2016

Just metal. An artefact made using metalbending, this is the fullest expression of the material in its natural state. Copper, brass and stainless steel illuminated with sparkling light. The aluminium legs are lathe turned, an ancient yet highly contemporary technique. The material is treated in its purest state to bring out its natural chromatic contrasts. The elegant lacquered wood and natural leather pad tidy provides contrast, that touch of necessary – perhaps inevitable – contamination.

Consolle dimensions: 100x35xh.90cm

Materials: RAL 5020 lacquered interior, striped délabré brass and copper with a polished stainless steel and aluminium.

Wunderkammer, Flagship Store De Castelli, Corso Monforte 7 Milano

Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone 2016

During the Design Week in Milan, De Castelli, apart from its presence at the trade show at pav. 16 booth D45, will also be present in other prestigious locations: at the flagship store in Corso Monforte, signalled also in ADI “Le vie del Compasso d’Oro” itineraries, at the “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” exhibition at the Triennale in Milan, and at the FuoriSalone events, with Paola Lenti, Boffa and De Padova.

 At the trade show, De Castelli will exhibit “Wunderkammer”, a chamber of wonders housing the collection designed by Nikita Bettoni, where metals are amazingly put to use to create twines, decorations and contrasts which embellish the pieces of furniture and the upholstery.

The same concept is recaptured in the flagship store, inaugurated in 2013 at Corso Monforte, based on a project by Michele De Lucchi. The showroom is also part of “Le vie del Compasso d’Oro” itineraries organized by ADI, to directly experience the historical and contemporary locations connected to the prestigious Award.

Filosofie dell’abitare

At the Triennale of Milan, De Castelli is present in the “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” exhibition, curated by Beppe Finessi; this Salone del Mobile project is presented during the XXI Triennale: architect Francesco Librizzi, one of the eleven designers selected, chose De Castelli to create his own interior design project.

De Castelli is renowned at international level for its use of metal designs, aiming for a production combining artisanal craftsmanship to technology and design. 2015 has been an important year for De Castelli: it has seen the actualization of the Milan Expo Pavillions designed by Zito and Pedron for OVS and Excelsior, and the transfer of the Company to the new headquarters, located in Crocetta del Montello (Treviso), a place that nurtures “workshops” and houses a grand “Materioteca”.

Currently, De Castelli is broadening its corporate project, by fostering more and more partnerships with architects, flourished in prestigious realizations (such as Cino Zucchi’s installation at the Biennale of Venice in 2012 and 2014), and also with leading design companies, thanks to its interest for steel, aluminium, Cor-Ten, iron, brass and copper.

These partnerships are fostered by the will to develop its technologically advanced craftsmanship know-how, as well as common projects based on the company’s excellent production potential and high-quality processing and details.

For the first time, De Castelli will be present at the Cloisters of the Umanitaria, where it will exhibit new finishings created in cooperation with the brand Paola Lenti, realized to cover new furnishing elements, at the Boffi showroom at Via Solferino with special tops for new kitchens, at Santa Cecilia, with De Padova’s decors, and at Eurocina, at the Irinox booth, with innovative metal claddings for domestic appliances such as blast chillers, water dispensers and vacuum packing machines.

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