Chief Sustainability Officer Jane Abernethy to Represent Humanscale at the 2023 World Ocean Summit

Jane Abernethy

Humanscale’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jane Abernethy, in partnership with Nextwave, will be speaking at the 10th Annual 2023 World Ocean Summit hosted by The Economist. The conference will bring together the widest cross-section of the ocean community and take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on Wednesday, March 1st.

As Humanscale’s first-ever CSO, Jane leads the company’s efforts to create a net-positive impact through both its products and operations. Joining the panel Finding new life for plastic waste, Jane will discuss the ways Humanscale continues to innovate their supply chain and internal operations to reach new levels of sustainable manufacturing, and how other organizations can follow suit to create change internally to positively impact people and the planet. In 2018, Humanscale was the first furniture manufacturer to use reclaimed fishing nets from the ocean in their products and has since brought to market the world’s most sustainable task chair, Path, made from 22 pounds of recycled ocean plastic. By re-envisioning the way manufacturers approach sustainability, Humanscale is setting new standards for the furniture industry.