Zero Emissions Day 2023: Humanscale’s Commitment to Planet Positivity

As the world marks Zero Emissions Day on September 21, 2023, the spotlight is on businesses leading the manufacturing industry in adopting sustainable practices. At the forefront of this green movement is Humanscale, the leading manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic solutions, whose innovative approach to sustainability sets a new standard in the manufacturing industry.

The center of Humanscale’s dedication to a more sustainable future is its recent approval by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This recognition showcases the company’s rigorous commitment to significantly curbing its greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement’s objectives. By setting the ambitious target of slashing their scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions by 50% by 2030 from the 2019 baseline, Humanscale establishes itself as an industry trailblazer. Furthermore, by 2027, the company aims for three-quarters of its suppliers, spanning goods, services, and logistics, to have their own science-based targets, emphasizing the holistic nature of their sustainability mission.

But Humanscale’s vision goes beyond merely offsetting its “footprints”—the environmental costs associated with its operations. It actively seeks to create “handprints”—positive, tangible contributions to the environment, propelling it to a planet positive future. A staggering 70% of Humanscale’s products proudly bear the “planet positive” certification, demonstrating their active efforts to not just sustain but also rejuvenate the environment. Humanscale’s certified planet products include Path, Liberty Ocean, and Smart Ocean (pictured), which are all produced using recycled and reclaimed ocean plastics, contributing to their positive environmental impact.

Illustrating this handprint strategy is their partnership with Augusta Communities. By endorsing the installation of solar panels in three housing developments in Montclair, California, Humanscale merges environmental thoughtfulness with community betterment, projecting a whopping $7.4M in electricity savings for local residents. Their widespread initiatives also touch on the conservation of over 1,000 acres in New York, support of a Cleveland-based food pantry, distribution of energy-efficient bulbs in New Orleans, and a tree-planting mission in Michoacán, Mexico, that aims to aid carbon capture and ecological restoration.

On Zero Emissions Day, Humanscale stands out, signaling a shift in the sustainability dialogue. Their approach confirms that businesses shouldn’t just aim to lessen their environmental harm but should be spearheading initiatives to actively enrich our planet. For a deeper dive into their contributions and initiatives, the complete CSR report is available on Humanscale’s website (