You’re NOT Invited! 😉 A fun new campaign from DIFFA

From Novità Communications:

It’s official: we’re living in the Zoom age! While we love a festive Zoom every now and then, we know they can build up and potentially lead to Zoom fatigue. That’s why we’re so excited to share this clever new fundraising campaign from our friends at DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). Instead of hosting a festive Zoom gathering to raise a little money for a good cause, they’ve decided to raise money by NOT hosting one instead. So if you’re suffering from virtual burnout, rejoice! DIFFA’s established a new model, enabling those who want to give back to their community an opportunity to do so from the comfort of their own home – sound and video OFF.

At a time when support for those with compromised immune systems, including individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, is more important than ever, we are hoping that this fun initiative will inspire many to donate. Individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS are particularly affected by homelessness and the economic turmoil of the moment as well as the significant loss of healthcare coverage experienced across the country over the past several months. As always, donations to DIFFA will be granted to organizations across the country supporting individuals and communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. Donations can be made here.

So while we can’t promise not to invite you to any Zooms on behalf of Novità, we hope you enjoy not attending a Zoom for DIFFA. 🙂

Stay well!

Chris + Danielle + Katherine + Bianca + Katie