You’re invited to LAUNCH: The Power of Pinterest

2015/2015.0706.Event.LaunchByEditorAtLarge.ThePowerOfPininterest.NoelleCantarano.full.jpgYou’ve trained your eyeballs like it’s nobody’s business, scrutinizing tens of millions of images over the course of your career. Those hours thumbing through magazines are now likely spent perusing Pinterest, agonizing over every type of roman shade known to man or what an obscure paint color looks like in a living room. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it the perfect medium not only for discovery but also networking and marketing, especially for creative types like yourself. Pinning, repinning and collaborating on boards are just a few ways to connect with potential clients and cultivate a following. For many designers, Pinterest far exceeds Facebook and Twitter as a leading source of business generation and purchases; however, it often gets overlooked as an essential social marketing platform. You may know how to upload pins and create boards, but not how to use it as a marketing tool. So how do you get in on the action and reach new clients through Pinterest? We’ll tell you.

The Power of Pinterest
: Wednesday, July 8
TIME: 6:00 to 8:00 PM
LOCATION: 200 Lexington Avenue, Conference Center, NYC

In this class, you will learn:
• To create and curate relevant content within Pinterest’s popular design categories including home décor, design and architecture
• To showcase your own content and elevate your work’s visibility by creating a streamlined, digital portfolio in one highly organized and visible place
• To build an online network of engaged designers, influencers and potential new clients
• To use Pinterest as a research tool to discover new trends

By the end of class, you will have:
• A clear understanding of the Pinterest platform and how it can elevate your business, organize your designs and help you reach new audiences
• A firm grasp on Pinterest best practices specific to interior designers
• Clear and easily executable channel goals
• A relevant strategy to generate compelling content and ultimately drive traffic to your Pinterest page

About the Instructor:
Noelle Cantarano
is a Digital Strategist at Lippe Taylor, an award-winning marketing and public relations agency specializing in marketing to women. As a Digital Strategist, Noelle develops social media strategies for Elizabeth Arden, Cetaphil and other beauty/skin care brands. She has also worked with Burger King, Best Buy and T-Mobile, among others. She believes in being social, not doing social. Her personal passion for interior design, coupled with her love of social media has resulted in hours spent curating the most beautiful home decor on Pinterest and has even lead to several decorating projects for both herself, friends and family.

Price: $125.00

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