You’re Invited to LAUNCH, Interior Photography: The Crash Course

LAUNCHInterior Photography: The Crash Course

DATE: September 15 & September 22
TIME: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
LOCATION: Robert Allen, 979 Third Avenue, Suite 305, NYC

Get the quick and dirty on interior photography in this two-part series…

2015.0831.Event.LAUNCH.Interior Photography - professional interiors photographer Emily Gilbert
Emily Gilbert

We get that you don’t want to drop a boatload of Benjamins or Clevelands (a.k.a. thousand dollar bills) for that matter on professional photography, but if you think snapping a pic of the stunning interior you designed using your camera phone will suffice, you, my friend, have another thing coming. Regardless of whether or not you have a brand-spanking-new iPhone, the process of truly capturing the beauty of your work is more complicated than you think. Aside from composition and angles, shutter speed, ISO and F-Stop need to be taken into consideration for the best results. During this course, professional interiors photographer Emily Gilbert will help you learn how to navigate your way around a camera and decipher which camera and settings to use, which buttons to push, how to set up a shot and more, enabling you to do right by your work.

Your photographs should make your projects shine, regardless of whether you want to post them on ‘Insta’ or send them to an editor.

In this class, you will learn:
The basic camera controls (ISO, F-Stop and Shutter Speed) and how they work together to create a strong compelling interior photograph
How to set up a camera to capture the elements of a room from various angles and heights
The basic rules of a good photographic composition
How to use ambient light to your advantage

By the end of class, you will have:
A better understanding of how to use your camera in Manual mode in order to capture better images of interior spaces

Please Note: This is a hands-on class, so it is important that you bring your camera, a memory card and your camera manual. Please make sure the camera battery is charged! If you have a tripod, please bring it. Wear comfortable shoes. If you do not have a camera to bring to class, we will have a few onsite, which can be shared. However, you will need a camera to complete homework, and we can recommend rental shops upon request.

Price: $275.00

To register, click – or contact Naomi Becker at
or (212) 904-1040.

Hosted by: Robert Allen


What previous attendees said about this class…

“Emily Gilbert’s Interior Photography Crash Course was amazing! Her ability to demystify the use of digital cameras in manual mode and explain the particular challenges of interior photography was incredible. I walked away with a great understanding of how to use my digital camera, and how to shoot well-lit and composed interiors.”—Carol Neiley

“I was completely clueless as to how to use my camera to catch decent interior photos. Interior Photography Crash Course was extremely helpful in helping me understand basic photography concepts and camera mechanics. Emily Gilbert is a terrific photographer and very good communicator, and I still refer to my notes when I’ve been away from my camera too long.”—Amal Kapen

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