WOW’s stand at CERSAIE surrounded by a big ceramic curtain

WOW Design and Summumstudio have designed a new stand, inspired by the beauty of WOW’s tile compositions

A ceramic skin will be used to reveal the architectural potential of WOW’s designs

The signature tile firm has been singled out to receive several international design awards in the product design, ephemeral architecture and interior design categories

WOW Design, the tile design studio that specializes in the development and creation of unique tiles with high added value, will be taking part in CERSAIE, the international exhibition held in Bologna, Italy, from September 25th to 29th, with a new stand inspired by the beauty of its tile compositions. Once again, the new stand has been designed in collaboration with interior design studio Summumstudio. For this next edition, where a bigger stand will be used to showcase WOW’s products, WOW Design and Summumstudio have decided to take visitors on an introspective journey. During the course of it, they will discover different applications for tile materials, accompanied at all times by a big permeable ceramic skin whose interiors reveal the amazing architectural possibilities of ceramic tiles.

WOW’s stand for the international exhibition is a highly distinctive one where visitors can get to know the collections and the numerous new products that the design studio has prepared for the coming 2023 and 2024 seasons, tailored to meet the creative needs of interior designers worldwide.

WOW and Summumstudio: an internationally acclaimed duo

Yet again, a new step forward has been taken by WOW in the creation of stellar designs and stands for demonstrating the potential of ceramic tiles. On numerous occasions, the studio has received recognition for doing so from important international design bodies, forging an international reputation in the fields of innovation and creativity.

WOW’s stand at COVERINGS (USA) was awarded the prize for the best stand at the 2023 edition of the trade fair. The tile firm was also singled out to receive a prize at the prestigious Casa Decor 2022 Awards for its innovative space “Unexpected Hamman”, designed in collaboration with Summumstudio. This same project was also awarded a prize at the 2023 Spanish Ephemeral Architecture Awards.

WOW’s stand at the 2022 edition of CERSAIE won an Emporia de Oro at the Spanish Ephemeral Architecture Awards, and its singular Icon tile model was the winner of the product design category of the 2022 RED DOT DESIGN Awards and 2023 IF Awards. As for its graphic design work, WOW was also awarded the ANUARIA Spanish Graphic Design Award for the design of the catalogue and packaging of its Icon tile model. All these projects were carried out in conjunction with Summumstudio.

WOW, signature tile design

WOW is a specialist in the design and development of bespoke one-of-a-kind signature tiles, tailored to meet individual projects and the needs of architects and interior designers. This makes the studio unique throughout the world. 

With its 20 years’ experience in tiles for material specifiers, WOW is present in 76 countries worldwide. It currently has a turnover of almost 53 million euros, with yearly rises in its annual turnover of about 40%, and a stable workforce of 300 people from the local community.

Its main target markets are the USA and European Union countries. Its goal is to continue expanding, mainly in these two markets via material specifiers through the design of small-format tiles with a high added value.

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