Work Anywhere MLJ s.l. introduces Beaktor, the “Ultimate Remote Office” to the US and Canadian Markets

The unique Beaktor concept was created to enhance and foster a new era of work by helping people and organizations transition to remote work, plus being ideal for the hybrid workplace, and perfect for the more traditional office as well.  It’s really a tool that contributes to the well-being, health, and a meaningful work-life balance.

Beaktor is beautiful, versatile, flexible, and importantly optimizes space and therefore achieves corporate real estate savings (after people the highest cost expenditure in an organization).

Beaktor provides an “in-office” experience wherever anyone works- at home, in your company’s office, in public spaces, hotel rooms, co-working spaces, healthcare facilities, even dorm rooms. Your office in a single piece of furniture, everything you need in less than 10 square feet (and that includes your chair). When closed, Beaktor requires only 2 ½ square feet.

According to a JLL survey, Work From Home (WFH) has stabilized at 30% of total office workers, a six-fold increase since the pandemic. 77% of business leaders agree or strongly agree that offering remote/hybrid work is critical to attracting and retaining talent.

Remote/hybrid work will save the nation 200 million hours and 6 billion miles of commuting per week. That amounts to a major positive impact on productivity, the environment and economists tell us that increased productivity helps to mitigate inflation.

The office itself will evolve into a place for “collaboration and innovation” and be “we space.” Accenture the management consulting firm talks about “productivity everywhere.” Beaktor works there as well.

Beaktor was awarded with 2 Red Dot Design Awards in the categories of Innovative Product and Office Design on March 14, 2022.

At first glance, Beaktor appears to be a “magical” desk, an easel for your artwork or for corporate or university logos, and a decorative object. Its industrial design is based on two defining elements: a frame constructed of ash wood (FSC certified), and a central unit that flips down to reveal a worksurface, an acoustical peg board panel made of sustainable cork, and a storage compartment. However, Beaktor is much more than that…It’s a tool for the way we work in a post-pandemic world.

Beaktor Details

  • Includes LED lighting both for task, “heads down” work”, and special lighting to ensure effective videoconferencing.
  • Includes USB ports and UL approved power cabling and sockets.
  • An accessories kit is available that allows users to position their second screens, laptops, and smart devices at eye level whether the user is sitting in a chair, on a stool, or standing up.
  • The Beaktor worksurface includes antibacterial properties.
  • The Beaktor worksurface is available in a range of colors, that based on color research, influence mood and reduces eye strain.
  • Plus, there is BeakArt to further enhance the working environment with its own built-in art display that takes seconds to apply, offers 14 choices or custom artwork and can be university or corporate logos.
  • Beaktor is shipped in a single carton smaller than a large screen TV carton, and installs in less than 30 minutes.
  • Technology and safety are built in and can be customized to interface with corporate networks.
  • The Beaktor is designed and manufactured in Spain and will be stocked in Pennsylvania (Fourth Quarter, 2022) and priced FOB-PA.
  • Beaktor is available for purchase or through a subscription model that allows for future upgrades and improvements.
  • Professional grade seating is also available.
  • Beaktor complies with all key office standards and ergonomic principles, includes a 5-year warranty, is FSC and PEFC certified. Its modular design allows for portability, fast installation, easy/quick deployment as well as ease of maintenance, repair, and customization. Power consumption is only 0.10 kw/hr.

The Beaktor brand is inspired by the pelican and its beak. A full beak is an indication of abundance and the Beaktor desk certainly delivers on that score.

Form/function, productivity, and exceptional performance all built into the ultimate workplace tool.

If you have questions or need more information, or are interested in buying or selling the Beaktor, please contact Ernesto-