Wolf-Gordon: Dreaming Up Urban Nature with Raylene Marasco


New Designs by Raylene Marasco for Wolf-Gordon


Wolf-Gordon pairs up with acclaimed textile artist Raylene Marasco to introduce two new wallcovering designs to their digital Curated Collection: Gossamer and City Lace. Based on Marasco’s childhood in rural Pennsylvania and adult life in New York City, the two patterns blend soft natural surroundings with vibrant cityscapes.

“Raylene’s exquisite City Lace and Gossamer are hybrid works that live between the scales of mural and pattern. This quality opens up opportunities to specify them in different sized spaces for different effects. We are thrilled to welcome these innovative, personal additions to our Curated Collection.” – Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Design & Marketing

Featuring fields of wildflowers that are both occluded and illuminated at turns by city lights and asphalt, the patterns create a new place which exists not on a map but within the life of the artist who designed them. As additions to the Curated Collection, both Gossamer and City Lace are available for digital printing on a variety of Wolf-Gordon substrates, including PVC-free wallcovering.

City Lace

“My history and aesthetic are of both environments. Featuring diffused photographic images of rural and metropolitan landscapes, the designs blend to create a color field of ethereal shadow and punctuated light. The viewer should first see color and abstract forms; then, upon further exploration discover the imagery.” – Raylene Marasco, Designer and Founder of Dyenamix Inc

Gossamer is a dreamlike pattern which represents the artist’s experience of moving from rural Pennsylvania to New York City. The ethereal pattern features images of nature with the city superimposed in a style evocative of double-exposed photography.

City Lace

City Lace, a spirited photographic montage, features a field of Queen Anne’s Lace and abstracted urban images that create a colorful mashup of the natural world and the built environment.

The designs are made possible by the years Marasco has spent refining her artistic eye, beginning her career working for a sculptor before finding her way to surface design and founding Dyenamix Inc, a custom textile studio. Dyenamix Inc has since created textiles for experimental and high-profile projects throughout the fashion, fine art, interior, and entertainment industries. In 2023, Marasco also contributed Furrows to the Wolf-Gordon’s conceptual Project: HI > AI collection.

City Lace and Gossamer were featured alongside select new products at Wolf-Gordon’s BDNY booth (#541) in New York, NY November 12-13, 2023. The complete digital Curated Collection is available at wolfgordon.com.

About Wolf-Gordon

Wolf-Gordon is an American design company dedicated to inspiring the creation of outstanding interiors. Founded in 1967 as a commercial wallcovering resource, our high performing product line has expanded to include PVC-free and natural wallcoverings, RAMPART® wall protection, upholstery textiles, Scuffmaster® paint, Wink® dry-erase surfaces digitally printed materials, and now, GATHER® Acoustical. We develop products that are provocative and of our time. Wolf-Gordon Design Studio regularly collaborates with leading international designers to bring fresh perspectives to our A&D clients. Our growing portfolio includes designs by Laurinda Spear, Karim Rashid, Petra Blaisse, Grethe Sørensen, Kevin Walz, Boym Partners, Frank Tjepkema, Mae Engelgeer, Aliki van der Kruijs and V Starr/Venus Williams. We focus on the aesthetic, technical and sustainability issues that are essential to being a trusted supplier to the commercial design industry. For signature, site-specific environments, WG Customs Lab works closely with clients to design and produce custom and digital print concepts. Wolf-Gordon account executives are based in all major markets in the United States.

About Raylene

Raylene Marasco started her career working for a sculptor and eventually found her way to surface design. In 1991, she opened Dyenamix Inc, a custom textile studio creating some of the most experimental and high-profile projects in the fashion, fine art, interior, and entertainment industries. Designers collaborate with Marasco to conceptualize and develop innovative textiles for their collections, projects, and artwork. She approaches each project with creativity, passion, integrity, and artistic sensibility. The results are always unique and expressive of each client but with an added aesthetic sensitivity, thanks to Marasco’s contribution.