Wilkhahn’s Confair Accessories

Wilkhahn’s internationally awarded Confair folding table doesn’t stand alone; there is an entire line of Confair office accessories designed to encourage creativity in the workplace.

The five Confair accessories, listed below, were designed as a toolbox, allowing participants to “help themselves”: for conveying information and presentations, for collecting ideas, for working in break-out groups, for formal decision processes or open discussion sessions. This allows a neutral space to be self-organized and used in a versatile manner – resulting not only in more economical use of space but also savings in terms of facility management capacity too.

Wilkhahn.Confair Pinboard-Whiteboard

Confair Pinboard/Whiteboard: Simply ingenious, the crescent-shaped foot sections on the easy-to-handle, lightweight pinboards can be arranged radially in circles and stored compactly.

Wilkhahn.Confair Server

Confair Server: The moveable servers for catering events, office material, monitors or presentation equipment, have two retractable cable channels. They can be fitted with various options that include shelves, open boxes, drawers or cable stations.

Wilkhahn.Confair Flipchart

Confair Flipchart: The lightweight flipchart has a retractable frame. The board can be adjusted to three heights and easily removed if need be.

Wilkhahn.Confair Mobile Desk

Confair Mobile Desk: Chairs can be positioned to the left or right of these supremely light mobile desks with integrated pen trays. By tilting the table top, the desks can be stacked into one another to save space.

Wilkhahn.Confair Lectern

Confair Lectern: The lectern is moveable yet very stylish. Its slim, perforated paneling and ease of use have made the lectern a popular item at press conferences and speakers’ platforms.

For more information on the Confair accessories, please visit the website: http://bit.ly/2cldPpa.