Wilkhahn Introduces A New Mobile Meeting Table: Timetable Lift 615 Range

Wilkhahn, German manufacturer of premier, innovative office and conference furniture that encourages well-being, health, creativity, and performance, introduces the Timetable Lift 615 Range.

Electric and mobile, Timetable Lift taps into new, innovative opportunities for meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and board rooms. This superbly designed table range is compact to stow away, wheel in as required, set to the right height, and easy to set up in one step – all with the touch of a button.

Timetable Lift can be adapted to suit any contract environment. Optional battery operation enables mobility regardless of where the power supply is located. Additionally, if surfaces with dry-wipe laminate are specified, the table also turns into a mobile, flip-top projection screen and whiteboard. Watch the video to see the various ways that Timetable Lift can be used!

Timetable Lift.

Design: Andreas Störiko

Today, the mobile, multipurpose Timetable family, where the tables nest into one another, is more in line with the needs of contemporary working environments than ever. Because it allows and encourages users to configure spaces themselves, which is an important way of fostering innovation and the ability to change.

The Timetable Lift range of models opens up totally new options for innovation and project spaces. The height of these tables can be adjusted electrically from 73 cm to 139 cm (293/4″ to 543/4″), making the furniture ideal for sitting-standing hot desking concepts, for use as seminar or conference tables where postures change and as flexible choices for meeting spaces or projection screens for presentations. They’re compact to stow away, wheel in as required, easy to set up and adjust to the right height at the touch of a button.

Timetable Lift. 615 range. Technical details.


Mobile table range with swivel- mounted table tops when the table is folded along horizontal axis. The Timetable range is ideal when combined with the Confair and Logon table ranges for multi- functional use of high-quality training, conference, presentation and meeting rooms. With a flip-top table top, Timetable tables nest compactly into one an- other, Timetable Lift comes with a locking mechanism and staggered storage when the tables nest into one another. Timetable Lift is electrically height-adjustable (73-139 cm), optionally battery operated. With a surface that can be written and that’s option- ally magnetic for use as a white-board and projection screen.


Aluminium foot section, bright chrome-plated, polished or with a silver satin finish or black coating. Electric telescopic column with an integrated sensor to stop things getting stuck in it. Uprights and crossways underframe in tubular steel, coated in black or with a silver satin finish. Table top bearer in steel profile, draw rod in round steel tubing, coated black. Lockable, height adjustable, swivel castors with a black polyamide tyre are the standard version for carpets; castors available with a polyurethane tyre for hard floors (please specify when ordering). The electrical control, including a three-metre supply lead and cable mesh, as well as the fitting for the optional battery are mounted underneath the table top.

Core material of table top

Plywood with bullnose or straight wood lipping with integral, impact-resilient profile in black elastomer or straight plastic lipping. Timetable Lift has an integrated button to adjust the height.

Table top group 1 – laminate

Table top thickness 26 mm

Variant 1

Laminate (single colour) based on Wilkhahn’s colour and surface samples with wood lipping, natu- ral oiled finish. Wood decor lami- nate from the Wilkhahn colour and surface samples with colour matched plastic lipping.

Variant 2

Soft matt laminate from the Wilkhahn colour and surface samples with wood lipping in natural oiled finish or colour matched with the plastic lip- ping. Anti-reflective, soft-touch surface with anti-fingerprint characteristics.

Table top group 2 – veneer

Table top thickness 26 mm

Variant 1

Beech, oak and ash veneer from Wilkhahn woodstain colour sam- ples with wood lipping, as far as possible in the same colour as the veneer

Variant 2

Maple, walnut or elm veneer from the Wilkhahn woodstain colour samples with wood lipping colour matched as far as possible with the veneer.

Veneer type

As a standard, the veneer panels are slip-matched.  Surfaces sealed with clear lacquer: Oak, ash, walnut and elm veneer closed-pore: maple and beech veneer. Some specific growth features possible.

Table top with whiteboard

Table top thickness 26 mm White laminate with colour matched plastic lipping. Table top can be written on with board marker pens, dry wiped and used as a projection screen, optionally magnetic.

Battery box

Compact and powerful lithium ion battery with 2.2 AH capacity, allowing the table to be raised about 40 times after being fully charged. With an LED charge indi- cator and acoustic signal to indi- cate that recharging is required. With retrofittable charger.

Edge profiles

-Standard type: bullnose with impact-resilient profile

-Alternatively: straight edge with impact-resilient profile

-Straight plastic lipping


The height-adjustable tables comply with the DIN 147 technical report and DIN EN 527, as well as the GS requirements.

Subject to change.

Accessories and other items.

The power outlet and the optional battery box, which can be retrofitted at any time, are easy to access and compact to stash away in the mesh underneath the table top. The fact that cordless operation’s possible, means it doesn’t matter where sockets to the mains are located and avoids the risk of anyone tripping over leads.

As the Timetable Lift can be stowed away in a space-saving manner and just rolled to the position it’s required, people working on a project can adapt the table to the number of team members and layout in no time.

And what’s more, by pressing the flush-fitted button, its height is precision adjustable and inspires users to alternate between sitting and standing. The AT ESP (which stands for elevated seating position) office chair model helps to integrate getting up intuitively into workflows, creating a unique combination of maximum flexibility and a state-of-the-art way of keeping people fit and healthy.

Wilkhahn’s Sitzbock pommel horse seat (shown above) is also a great example of seating that can be perfectly paired with this table range.