Wilkhahn Devises Folding Table Mechanism

Wilkhahn, the German-office manufacturer, recently launched a high-designed yet easily handled folding table system: mAx. With a unique locking mechanism, this product introduces a new way of working.

Designer Andreas Störiko devised the particularly versatile piece of furniture to stow away compactly, transport easily and connect to create economical table configurations. The mAx range boasts first-class design, ingeniously requires just one hand to set it up, stabilizes itself with a locking mechanism and offers versatility for numerous environments.

How To Operate

When pulling out the T-shaped base, a support arm automatically emerges from the leg to latch underneath the table top. The support arm is precisely secured in place by a guide rail that it locks with. The easy-to-use design makes mAx ideal for co-working spaces, as it can be dismantled and moved or changed.

The three T-shaped base sizes enable scalable table depths and widths for standalone versions, system tables and connecting leaves. Tables can be placed in loosely arranged groups, linked up to make rows, or arranged to form open-centered or closed conference configurations, making the range the perfect solution for any environment.

For more information about Wilkhahn, please visit www.wilkhahn.us