Wilkhahn Announces Key Management Changes in Global Sales Management

Dr. Jochen Hahne

Dr. Jochen Hahne, Managing Partner, Wilkhahn, announced changes in the global management structure of the firm effective immediately.  The director of worldwide sales, Volker Starzmann, has left his position as a CSO and will be replaced by Dr. Hahne.  After careful study, it was decided to integrate sales, marketing and product development, and manage this from the corporate headquarters. This will result in in quicker response time and flexibility to market requirements.

The changes will allow the company to focus on strengthening its existing management structure and concentrate on the historic company goals and philosophy.  Moreover, it will hasten the marketing of a wide range of products, overseeing customer projects and development of logistics to meet global demands.

Simone Vingerhoets leaves Wilkhahn after two years as the CEO of the United States subsidiary. Following her departure, Victor Ramos, who has served with strong global experience within the organization for eighteen years, will be in the New York headquarters to oversee a smooth transition.

We would like to thank Simone for her service and contribution to the company’s development and wish her the best in all future endeavors.