Watson launches CET extension

Watson is delighted to announce the launch of their CET Extension. They aim to better serve the A&D community by making the company’s products available to use within the popular design and visualization tool.

With this launch, users can specify Watson products for space planning, design and build configurations for different spaces, export a bill of materials, and produce quotes for customers all on one easy-to-use platform.

Watson’s CET extension includes the company’s entire product catalog of over 14,000 SKUs. This enables users to build and experiment with many configurations, which streamlines the design and selling process.

The extension will include items categorized by both product collection and category to make it intuitive for designers to specify products that cover a diverse range of needs and applications.

Users can easily incorporate Watson into their projects by dragging CET files representing different components from the catalog directly into the CET workspace to specify and build configurations and visualize projects.

“By utilizing the CET extension platform, we are better supporting the needs of dealer designers and the A&D community,” Rachel Whitaker, Design Manager at Watson said. “We work in a complex and visually driven market where decisions are made quickly. Increased visibility to our products will be key to continued growth in current and future markets.”

CET is offered by Swedish software company Configura, which specializes in tools for manufacturing and space planning.

Watson Furniture works to design, build, and sell timeless office furniture that prioritizes functional and durable design using sustainable manufacturing processes.

With all their furniture manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Poulsbo, Washington, Watson emphasizes resource-friendly, low-impact goods to meet the unique needs of offices on a national scale.

Watson believes that today’s workforce deserves pieces that equip both teams and individuals to do their best work in the office space, providing solo workstations, personal storage, collaborative hubs, and accessories, while remaining committed to providing timeless furniture for the forward-thinking office.

Watson’s CET Extension can be installed via the Configura Marketplace and requires an active CET Commercial Interiors license. Users with a license can directly add the Watson CET extension here: www.watsonfurniture.com/CET

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