Watson Furniture Group Introduces New Products Designed for Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today

Bahn Rail office

Our 2017 product additions focus on simplifying power, data and cable management, softening the look of collaborative technology meetings, adding flexible privacy options and finishing traffic ways.

Today’s workplace demands choice, flexibility and function like never before. Watson is pleased to announce a new range of products designed around those needs. Led by a slim, scalable power, voice and data (PVD) management system that can be paired with nearly any worksurface or storage component and endlessly configured to meet the demands of any environment, this launch is about the way real people work.

“Our 2017 additions focused on simplifying power, data and cable management with Bahn Rail, softening the look of collaborative technology meetings with Tonic Simple Media, adding flexible privacy options with Pin Mobile screens, and finishing traffic ways with versatile Bahn Recycle Center,” said Greg W. Kooistra, Vice President of Product at Watson.

The products in the launch include:

Bahn Rail options
  • Bahn Rail – slim, scalable power, data and cable management system

Introducing a sleek, simple, lay-in PVD management power beam that supports UL listed 4 circuit/ 8 wire electrical system with three data connections and either four or eight outlets per user. At just 6” wide, Bahn Rail integrates seamlessly into workstations, providing needed cable management without adding to the overall footprint. Pair with almost any combination of worksurface, storage, and/or enhanced privacy and end-of-run options for even greater configurability.

“The goal of Bahn Rail was to provide PVD with a small footprint which would allow for more traditional open office planning and open up our extensive Zo storage line. We have brought scalable cable capacity for Bahn Rail through the modesty options, so we can keep our vision of the clean workspace,” said Chris Kuchman, Design Engineer at Watson.

Pin Mobile Screens
  • Pin Mobile Screen – privacy screens

Pin Mobile Screens create quick workspace privacy and space division within open offices, allowing users to switch their environments on the fly. Specifying Pin Mobile Screens is easy and fun. They are available in 5 heights and 8 widths, can be ordered in either landscape or portrait orientation, and made your own with our extensive palette of fabrics, cording, and 17 standard powdercoat base colors. Used alone or in clusters, Pin Mobile Screens are sleek, simple, durable and smart.

Tonic Simple Media
  • Tonic Simple Media

Combining clean, modern design with powerful functionality and multimedia support, Tonic Simple Media makes for radically productive meeting, training and collaboration. The free-standing tables incorporate an upholstered screen for space division, auditory privacy and easy multimedia integration – supporting up to a 42″ display. In-surface cable storage with PET felt lined tray keeps cords at bay, and inset legs provide optimal seating capacity. Make Tonic Simple Media your own when you choose from 34+ standard laminate surface options, three widths and four depths.

Bahn Recycle Center options
  • Bahn Recycle Center

Keep trash and recycling away from desks and out of sight with the Bahn Recycle Center. This robust, durable, free-standing and aesthetically appealing end-of-run option allows you to reduce, reuse and recycle in style. Specify with or without a back panel of upholstery, magnetic markerboard veneer, or metal, powdercoated planters that quickly and easily incorporate life and greenery into any space. Available in three widths, two heights, 14 standard storage finishes and 17 standard powdercoat colors (for planters).


Watson is a thriving Pacific Northwest furniture manufacturer. For more than 50 years, we have designed and built agile workplace solutions for some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the world. Our designs are simple, user-centric and delivered with a modern environmental sensibility. We make all of them in our manufacturing facility near Seattle, utilizing advanced machining processes and superior handcraft.

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