Watson Furniture Announces Newly Redesigned Seattle Showroom

Watson Furniture unveils its redesigned Seattle showroom, the Seattle Design Studio (SDS). The updated space mirrors the variety of today’s workplace settings, underscoring the company’s conviction that physical offices play a crucial and dynamic role in the fabric of contemporary professional life.

“With our showroom, we want visitors to get to know who Watson is. Yes, we’ll be highlighting products we know our industry will find exciting and useful, but our goal is to show how we can be a standout partner overall. We’re excited to see how this space will be utilized to support the architecture and design community,” Watson’s Director of Marketing, Alexandra Reed said.

As companies seek to envision tomorrow’s office landscape, the SDS acts as a working example designed to support shifting trends and diverse applications. For designers, the SDS offers a comprehensive starting point, providing various materials, models, and resources essential for envisioning vibrant office spaces.

While Watson caters to clients throughout North America, the company is deeply intertwined with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. This connection shines prominently in the aesthetic and material language of the showroom. As visitors enter through walls crafted from reclaimed fir planks, they are instantly enveloped in a setting that radiates authenticity, sustainability, and purposeful design.

“With our redesign of the Seattle Design Studio, we set out to break our traditional planning modes and focus on the user,” noted Watson’s Vice President of Product Development, Lucas Pearl. “It’s a testament to our product design principles that across different product lines, most recently enhanced by this year’s many new introductions, we can build complementary settings that become more than their constituent parts.”

Watson’s latest product launches are at the core of the redesigned space, including representations from its Tonic, Edison, and Mastermind collections.

Tonic Work Table

First debuted in 2012, the Tonic Collection was updated this year to reflect new needs from modern offices and include new products to suit more varied workplace settings. This award-winning line, including the notable Tonic Workbench, features versatile solutions from workstations to tables and storage.

Edison Workbench

The Edison Collection solves changing office densities and layouts. The Edison Rail and the newly introduced Edison Workbench, both set for SDS display, exemplify workstation and space planning adaptability. The Edison Workbench merges the expected functionality of height-adjustable workbenches with an elevated, contemporary design that boasts an array of accessories and varied configurations.

Mastermind Flow

The Mastermind Flow Table is a standout from the Mastermind Collection, marking Watson’s collaboration with Sedus Stoll AG. Designed to work across entire floorplans, Mastermind caters to various room configurations and promotes both solo and group work with its intelligent design.

Visitors to the showroom will be able to experience all featured products, along with classic Watson offerings, including but not limited to mobile meeting tables, social tables, and storage solutions like credenzas and lockers. The SDS is open daily for showroom tours upon appointment by visiting their site.

About Watson: Watson has been designing and building furniture for the forward-thinking office for almost 60 years. Built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Poulsbo, Washington, Watson products are responsibly sourced and focused on timeless and functional design.

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