Watson Expands Essential Desk Line to bring customization and functionality to individual workstations

The Essential Desk’s evolution includes a variety of surface shape options and the perfecting of features and accessories that emphasize flexibility and our enduring, timeless design. 

As workers all over the country transition back into the office, Watson Furniture announces enhancements to the classic Essential Desk, keeping in mind the need for office furniture that fits the individual worker’s needs.

The updated Essential Desk represents Watson’s commitment to evolution, functionality and our keen attention to detail through the refinement of features over time. The newest version includes an expansion of surface shapes and the availability of fixed and height-adjustable options.

“Height adjustability has been part of Watson’s DNA for nearly 30 years,” Lucas Pearl, VP of Product Development at Watson, said. “With the expansion of the Essential Desk line, we have taken all of the best features from our past product lines and pulled them together into an expansive yet simple and understandable line.”

The desk’s anti-collision feature goes along with this adjustability, using an integrated sensor to automatically stop movement as needed, prioritizing the need for safety during adjustments.

The Essential Desk now offers surface shapes such as the rectangle, extended corner, verve, and super ellipse, allowing for visual customization and options for accessories such as the pendant drawer storage, privacy screens and coat hooks to meet each office space’s own, unique needs.

At Watson, all furniture is hand-crafted at our factory in Poulsbo, WA, using sustainably sourced materials, customized timeless design, and a desire to bring ease and functionality to the customer experience.

Dating back to the 1960s, Watson’s history is rooted in designing and building useful, durable, and visually pleasing furniture while contributing to the community through its focus on resource-friendly, low-impact products and processes, a belief that is ever present in The Essential Desk.

To learn more about The Essential Desk and its benefits in the workplace, please visit https://www.watsonfurniture.com/collections/essential-desk or contact us at marketing@watsonfg.com.

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