WallGoldfinger Celebrates Five Years in Its New Factory

Looking fine at 5, well, 46 (but also 5)

We’re 5! Well, we’re 46, but we’ve been in our “new” factory for five years this month. So what does that mean to you? Well, we’ve got a few gray hairs at the temple when it comes to years of experience, but this bode, well, it’s almost brand new!
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Take a look inside

Don’t take our word for it. Step inside the factory with us.

Take the tour

Follow a piece of furniture’s path through our more efficient factory

How the new factory has improved work flow, relations

Mike Spencer, chief operating officer and vice president of production, explains how the new factory brings improvements to WallGoldfinger, its products and its people.
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WallGoldfinger’s world

Take a quick visual look at our marketplace.

Our world

By the numbers

While the place still looks new, we’ve certainly put it through its paces from John Wall’s obsession with filling all wall space to new furniture designs to lots of furniture built.

Can you guess how many pieces of furniture we’ve built in this factory?

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WallGoldfinger produces the world’s finest corporate office furniture. From custom boardroom and conference tables, lecterns and credenzas to meticulously-crafted product lines, WallGoldfinger’s furniture is designed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions, responsibly sourced and made in America for discriminating designers, furniture dealers and corporate clients.

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