Vitra: Milan Design Week Preview by Robert Stadler

With Milan Design Week only a few days away, we turn to Robert Stadler, a former Milan resident and the curator of our installation “Typecasting. An Assembly of Iconic, Forgotten and New Vitra Characters”, for his unique take on the city. From unexplored galleries, to picturesque restaurants via secret gardens, we invite you to discover his favourite places in the capital of design.

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An Assembly of Iconic, Forgotten and New Vitra Characters

Over 200 objects, 9 communities and an exploration into communal living. The film-set-like display of “Typecasting” is as much about furniture as it is about us. Visit us at Via Palermo 10 in Milan from 17 – 22 April.

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Robert Stadler – Studio Visit

In the Vitra Magazine, find Robert Stadler, the curator of “Typecasting”, in his Paris-based design studio.

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