ViewSonic Plays Role for Enabling Digital Transformation in the Enterprise Workspace

Technologies that enable new levels of collaboration, productivity and communication are at the heart of digital transformation in the workspace.
Digital transformation is permeating all aspects of today’s workspace.

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of display solutions, is playing a central role in the digital transformation that is impacting the enterprise workspace. It is a transformation driven by the need to incorporate enabling technologies that enhance competitiveness, profitability and attractiveness to potential employees, millennials in particular.

However, while surveys have shown that the pace of digital transformation is increasing rapidly, many businesses are not adequately focused on adapting the work environment by investing in the creation of an interconnected, technology-rich ecosystem and culture.

“Achieving digital transformation in the workspace is not a question of when, but of how,” said Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas. “It’s imperative that enterprises respond to these challenges with resources that support corporate strategic goals and empower their people in today’s highly competitive business environment to break down barriers to the effective flow of collaboration and information.”

ViewSonic is focused on the role of visual solutions to improve collaboration, productivity and communication as the digital transformation process pervades the modern workspace from conference rooms to huddle spaces to ad hoc areas for the exchange of ideas. Moreover, now more than ever, there is a need to interconnect multiple locations and devices for the seamless sharing of information.

At the center of this process are high-performance, interactive, touchscreen displays that support digital whiteboarding and annotation, wireless multicasting, cloud-based content portability, platform-agnostic integration with operating systems and apps, and enterprise-level security.

These kinds of technology tools are at the heart of efforts to counteract a siloed operational structure as well as eliminating the walls between an organization and its customers. The fundamental goal is a rethinking of data and information resources and how to push intelligence throughout the organization.

A white paper on digital transformation and the role of visual solutions is available here.

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