Vibia Latest collections 2020/2021


Guise design by Stefan Diez

With Guise, Stefan Diez has discovered a new potential use for LED technology in contact with matter: The light emanates from the piece of glass, while the source remains invisible. With this approach, Guise achieves a magical effect and, at the same time, is fully functional. Because of the transparency of the glass when switched off, the lamp almost disappears. When switched on, it expresses a luminous and almost magnetic presence.

A pattern of engraved incisions made in the borosilicate glass, created using a robotic cutting technique, refracts, radiates, and reflects the light brilliantly. The LED source is located longitudinally as if it were a seam, almost imperceptible. Stefan Diez was inspired by several traditional techniques, Bohemian glass cutting and luminous street signage, which are combined here in a unique contemporary vision. Together with its innovative technology, Guise achieves an almost virtual light.

Halo Wall

Halo Wall – Design by Martín Azúa

Martín Azúa fuses material and light with the design of Halo. In this new evolution as an applique, Halo Wall provides a series of minimalist light sculptures. Suggestive ambient lighting that floats over the wall while at the same time bathing it with light. The basic unit of Halo Wall is provided by a light rod that measures 40- inch in length.

With its slimline linearity, different graphic compositions are outlined. The light bars, supported by an aluminum profile, can rotate, forming parallel, perpendicular, and inclined axes. The modular nature allows for large configurations creating light murals.


Meridiano – Design by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal

A Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal design. The MERIDIANO collection provides a soft and comfortable light that plays with forms and shadows in order to create magical luminous effects. Meridiano can be used as outdoor seating by day and an outdoor lamp at night. MERIDIANO is not simply a lamp but helps create an ambiance, a feeling of well being, where the outdoor lamp is playfully reinterpreted in terms of form and function.

Halo Jewel

Halo Jewel – Design by Martín Azúa

Designer Martín Azúa takes another evolutionary leap with Halo Jewel by converting lighting into a luminous jewel. A shimmering and pure light, although treated in such a way as to avoid glare, drawing the eye with its precious linking element that supports it.

An elegant steel structure with a matte finish, and the various angles of inclination, define a light fitting that transcends the material. Even the supporting piece appears to give off a luminance when touched by the light. With its profile link it picks up on trends in contemporary jewelry design and recalls the refined Art Deco aesthetic.


Structural – Design by Arik Levy

With the design of Structural, Arik Levy has come up with an innovative system where light, architecture, and sculptural form come together. Through cubic volumes and ordered geometrical compositions, flexible solutions are provided by its different versions. Structural traces spatial coordinates, connecting points of light and joining planes that underline its architectonic character. Structural is inspired by the flame burning braz iers used in antiquity for lighting. Arik Levy transforms them into contemporary receptacles that give off an intensive and lively LED light. The

indirect lighting effect and composition of volumes provide a nuanced light through a playful game of light and shade. A timeless design that will integrate with any ambiance: from contemporary to historical interiors.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto – Design by Xucla

At once natural and architectural, Palo Alto creates the effect of illuminated landscaping. Sleek and streamlined, its angular, tree-shaped silhouette integrates seamlessly with the outdoors. It’s offered in various minimalist shapes and can be displayed individually or in a group to resemble a stand of trees.