Vaccination Center Design Concepts by Peter Pepper


Are you ready? Our partition wall system is perfectly suited for this kind of application. It can also be used for the construction of test stations or emergency shelters. Our system, ready to use, everywhere.

The simple construction principle of uprights and beams allows for a quick and easy assembly and dismantling of our system. Guaranteed by the use of high quality aluminum extrusions and the inherent modular design. A sustainable system – all the way from planning to installation.

Partition walls can create a variety of rooms for small to large public and private spaces. Our partition wall system is ideal for the creation of a new room layout. Temporary – without leaving any traces. And, if requested, mobile with castors or as space-saving folding wall.

Check-In / Registration:

A structured process is essential for a fast and safe handling. With our vaccination centers, not only you but also the patients benefit from a high standard of hygiene through distance markings, disinfection possibilities and a one-way guidance system that also ensures shorter waiting times.

Vaccination Area:

Employee protection and safety are the first priority here. A controlled flow of visitors makes sure that there is only one patient per treatment room for vaccination, with additional screens contributing to more privacy. The labeling of the rooms can be changed and adapted to legal requirements at any time.

Back Office, Staff and Storage Rooms:

From changing rooms to staff break rooms, from emergency cabins to back office and lockable storage rooms for medical equipment – our modular partition wall system helps you create a vaccination center that meets all your individual needs and requirements.

Configurations For Up To 8,000 Patients Per Day