Unika Vaev Introduces New Exciting Products from Instyle

Unika Vaev, provider of fresh solutions for contract textile and acoustical needs, is pleased to announce the addition of new acoustic products from Instyle.

Ecoustic® Pinch Tiles

Ecoustic® Pinch Tile is a striking acoustic tile offering excellent sound absorption and diffusion. Inspired by geometric abstraction, the crisp topography of Pinch creates form and shadow depths evoking the sculptural influences of Expressionism, Cubism and the Bauhaus. The interwoven arrangement of Pinch tiles and irregular perimeter provides a dynamic visual arrangement. Available in 34 colorways. Ecoustic® Pinch achieves .60 NRC, and .80 NRC with included Ecoustic® infill. Produced with 100% PET with up to 23% recycled material. This tile is certification by Mindful Materials, Declare, Greentag, HPD and Healthier Hospitals.

Ecoustic® Loop print

Ecoustic® Loop is an acoustic panel print designed by Tom Skeehan. This felt faced, hand silk-screen print, is designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors such as open plan workspaces, bars, restaurants, theatres, convention centers and public spaces. The Loop print is available in six colorways. The Ecoustic® Panel achieves an NRC rating of between .30 – 1.0 depending on the panel thickness, and the Ecoustic® Screen has a NRC of 0.5. The Ecoustic® Loop composition is 100% PET (up to 65% recycled content) and is certified by HPD and Global Greentag.

Ecoustic® V Check design
Ecoustic® V Axis design

Ecoustic® V is a collection of acoustic panels and tiles with an elegant aesthetic and acoustic performance. The collection is available in nine timeless designs, three solid color core thicknesses, six sizes, and a variety of colors for ultimate design flexibility. The panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally. NRC rating between .20 – .65. Designed for the environment, the Ecoustic® SC panels are low-VOC, Oeko-Tex certified and recyclable.

Ecoustic® V Diagonal design

Ecoustic Sculpt™ Collection – New design additions.

Three new refreshing designs; Forte, InOut and Random compliment the Ecoustic Sculpt™ Collection. The collection is now available in 15 different design profiles. The tiles are designed for easy installation in standard or slimline drop ceiling grid systems. Sculpt™ adds character and elevates design to any interior space. Available in 15 colorways. The tiles are ecoustic™ SC PET panels that achieve a NRC rating between .65-.75 for all Sculpt™ profiles. The Sculpt collection is certified to comply with Oek-Tex, Mindful Materials, HPD and Declare and is certified low VOC.

Ecoustic Sculpt™ Forte

Sculpt™ Forte is a stepped and inclining profile similar to an architectural fortress. When installed as a collection – of two to eight tiles – the Forte profiles create diamond formations which begin to move in and out. The tiles are suited for a small and large ceiling installment.

Ecoustic Sculpt™ InOut

The Sculpt™ InOut design evolved from creating a positive form from a negative extraction.  The individual profiles are similar to an architectural battlement that are found in the shielding walls and towers of medieval castles. The profile utilizes equally spaced intervals so when installed as a collection of four tiles they create a square formation moving in and out. The tiles are ideally suited for a large ceiling installment to capture the form of the design.

Ecoustic Sculpt™ Random

The Sculpt™ Random profile design creates acoustic absorption within the profile shape and also in the absorptive PET composition of the tile. Each tile profile can be positioned randomly which results in a wide variety of ceiling patterns.

Unika Vaev was founded in 1975 and currently provides a wide range of solutions for Contract Textile applications. Unika Vaev’s extensive Acoustic Product Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetically pleasing sound absorption and diffusion solutions for ceiling, wall, floor, stationary and movable screens.