Unika Vaev Introduces its latest Acoustic Product in collaboration with Unika Vaev Studios

Unika Vaev Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering – On Country Collection – Burrawarra

Unika Vaev, provider of fresh solutions for acoustical needs, is pleased to announce our latest acoustic product, Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering.

Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering utilizes Unika Vaev’s top performing sound absorbing Ecoustic® Panel multi- layered product, in a new and unique way, allowing clients to choose from a large selection of well-known Wilsonart® digitally printed patterns and Instyle’s On Country collection designed by Amanda Hinkelmann. Clients may also provide their own image, branding, logos, or any color/pattern to achieve their design vision. Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering achieves a 0.85 NRC rating when applied directly to the wall or ceiling.

On Country Collection by Amanda Hinkelmann

A new collection of acoustic panel print designs, the On Country collection is a collaboration between Amanda Hinkelmann and the Instyle Design Studio. Amanda is a proud Wiradjuri artist from Wagga Wagga NSW. Contemporary, textural, and emotive, Amanda’s paintings are inspired by connection, country, and experience. The On Country collection features four prints.

Baayi – Biscuit on Oyster

Baayi – When the dancing is over

“The imprints left in the sand after dancing in the Corroboree. Stomping barefoot, moving, flowing with the wind. Then the dust settles, and the Marks remain echoing in a moment in time.”- Designer, Amanda Hinklemann

Burrawarra – Desert

Burrawarra – Make dust stir with your feet

“Taking part in ceremony is an experience I hold extremely close. Being able to paint up, breathe in the air on country and to dance on the land danced on for thousands of years before me, fulfils and enriches me.”- Designer, Amanda Hinklemann

Dangaay – Ochre on Natural

Dangaay – Big rain coming, then the dry

“Mother Earth in a period of drought, yearns for rain to flourish again. When it comes, it pours with the land un- able to soak up the help it’s been looking for. A metaphor for the mental load many women carry, it symbolizes that better times are coming.”- Designer, Amanda Hinklemann

Yalgu – Flame tree

Yalgu – When the water runs dry

“Representing a notion of place and how it shapes you. There is much to understand, that I will never know of our country and the stories she holds onto when we leave. Layer by layer the Earth with forever evolve and change, and so will I.”- Designer, Amanda Hinklemann

Artisan Acoustic Wallcovering in Wilsonart® Big Plaid

Wilsonart® Pattern Prints Collection

An exclusive assortment of finely crafted digitally printed patterns extracted from Wilsonart’s broad Laminate Design Collection. This compilation showcases a carefully chosen assortment of Wilsonart patterns, comprised of natural wood grains, stone and steel patterns, impressive designs, and innovative textures. Our hand-picked collection encompasses an extensive range of styles, from industrial-inspired designs to those influenced by the contemporary art movement. Whether you require durability, elegance, or functionality, the Wilsonart Digitally Printed Collection delivers cutting-edge styles and patterns that suit any setting.

Abstracts – Inspired by modern art movements, the Wilsonart® Abstracts Pattern Collection features patterns characterized by the use of color, shape, and form. From fluid, organic designs, to geometric shapes, stripes, and dots, the patterns create a sense of movement and flow. One of the key benefits of using abstract patterns is their versatility. These patterns can be used in a variety of settings from minimalist, modern spaces to more traditional, ornate interiors. They can be used to create a focal point or to add visual interest to a space.The Wilsonart® Abstracts Pattern Collection is a great choice for designers who want to bring a sense of creativity, energy, and modernity to their interiors. With a wide range of patterns and colorways to choose from, these patterns offer endless possibilities for customization and expression.

Optical Solids – Create an eye-catching moment with a subtle optical illusion in your next design using the Wilsonart® Optical Solids Pattern Collection. The Optical Solids Pattern Collection features a quiet stippling pattern throughout, achieving a near solid look with just enough detail to trick your eye into thinking it is textured. Choose from a variety of colorways and elevate your space in an understated way, today.

Stone & Steel – Inspired by the raw, natural beauty of Stone & Steel, this Wilsonart® pattern collection is all about capturing the unique character of these materials. The patterns in this category are designed to evoke the rough, weathered beauty of stone, and the sleek industrial feel of steel. Some of the stone-inspired patterns feature intricate, swirling patterns that mimic those found in natural stone. The steel-inspired patterns feature sleek, linear designs to evoke the cool, modern look of steel. The versatile patterns of Stone & Steel can be used to add a modern, industrial touch to a variety of interior spaces.

Studio Patterns – The Wilsonart® Studio Patterns Collection showcases intricate patterns designed to mimic the look of peeling paint from centuries past. The collection is characterized by its rich, detailed texture and unique visual depth, creating a beautifully weathered effect that adds character and charm to any space. With its striking design and high-quality materials, the Studio Finishes Collection is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of timeless elegance to their interior design.

Textures – Add a sense of texture in your space with the Wilsonart® Textures Printed Pattern Collection. Focusing on capturing the tactile qualities of different materials, this printed pattern collection features a series of intersecting lines that create a subtle woven effect. The result is a visually interesting pattern that adds more warmth and depth, than a solid color.

Wood Grains – Designed to capture the unique color and texture of different wood species, the Wilsonart® Wood Grains Pattern Collection features a wide range of wood grain species from walnut, oak, and maple to pine, chestnut, and antique wood patterns. The Wood Grains Pattern Collection is available in a variety of warm, rich hues to lighter, more subtle tones. Some patterns feature intricate, detailed wood grain patterns that mimic the natural grain of real wood, while others use more abstract lines to create a unique, artistic interpretation of wood. Using Wood Grain patterns in design can bring warmth and natural beauty to a space without the cost and maintenance of real wood. Specific wood grains can be digitally stained to match provided samples as a custom order.

Since 1975, Unika Vaev has established itself with expansive collections of Decorative Acoustic sound absorbing products. Sustainability within design is key to both product lines and has been since the company’s founding.