Unika Vaev Introduces Exciting New Acoustic Products

Unika Vaev, the leader in innovative products to the contract textile and acoustic market, is pleased to announce a collection of new acoustic products from the Unika Vaev Design Studio. The collection includes several new additions to elevate walls and ceilings, while offering superb sound absorption products.

Duo and Trio Baffles

The design intent of Duo and Trio is based upon the idea that a ceiling can serve as a palette without sacrificing its core intent. Through the use of opposing lines, inspirational patterns emerge.

Duo’s two layer, single color design is based upon a negative/positive pattern which results in a three-dimensional effect. Produced using two layers of Solid Color Core Panels, Duo is available in eight patterns and eleven color-ways. NRC rating .75 with 8” spacing between the baffles.

Duo in Wave design

Trio’s unique, three-layered design results in stunning color combinations among five patterns. The use of opposing patterns creates a multi-dimensional affect that highlights any ceiling. Trio can be specified using one or two colors to enhance the design. Allow Trio to serve as the palette for your ceiling canvas! Trio is available in five patterns and eleven color-ways of Solid Color Core.

Trio in Picket design

Trio and Duo can be installed beneath an existing drop ceiling grid using Unika Vaev’s proprietary T- Clip system. Duo and Trio can also be installed using Unika Vaev’s proprietary grid system for open plan ceiling decks. The baffles are 54” wide, 12” high in 12mm thick Solid Color Core and produced in two or three layers to heighten the designs elements. The baffles can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. The baffles are also approved and published with Mindful Materials.

Acoustic Panel Prints Collection

Bring in a piece of art, a logo or a message, to create a better soundscape for any space with Unika Vaev Design Studio’s Digital Print Program. The program employs state of the art, high-resolution** digital printing upon our Solid Color Core absorbing panels. Select any high-resolution photography or create your own custom graphics or signage to create a beautiful sound absorbing impactful design. If you choose to go for an image art piece, check out Unika Vaev’s large library of images on our website, or provide your own. Maximum print size on one panel is 48” x 96”. Larger expanses can be achieved through Unika Vaev’s Custom Design Studio. **100dpi at actual size required. NRC rating .40.

Examples of the many images available from Unika Vaev

Acoustic LED Tile Collection

The Lineal LED Ceiling Tile collection maximizes the benefit of LED lighting within an elegant, acoustic inverted coffered ceiling tile. Designed to enhance traditional lighted ceiling tiles, the placement of the LED light patterns within each is designed to create excellent task lighting for work clusters or any area requiring a more conducive work environment. Lineal is available in three designs; Lines, Logical and Random.



Mix of Lines, Logical & Random

The Spot Drop Ceiling Tile collection provides decorative lighting solutions that are both dramatic  and pragmatic. The collection includes several designs of a focus and flood version of acoustic  lights. The Spot Focus tiles are designed to provide focused lighting in areas such as conference rooms where direct downlighting may be required while allowing the peripheral areas to be darker to support video-based activities. The Spot Flood tiles provides lighting for broader areas. Both Focus and Flood are available in four designs. Custom light patterns are available upon request.

Spot Focus

Spot Flood

The Spot Drop Ceiling Tile and Lineal LED Ceiling Tile collection is available in eleven color-ways produced with Solid Color PET. The tiles are 24” square. The tiles can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. All lighting is UL approved. NRC rating .85 with an 8” air gap.

Coffered Ceiling Tiles Collection

The Coffered Ceiling Tiles Collection has been designed to provide an elegant sound absorbing solution. The square 24” x 24” tiles are available in three depth option and 11 color-ways of Solid Color Core. The tiles can be installed as a traditional coffered tile or can be reversed to hang below the ceiling to create dramatic visual elements. These tiles can be combined with Unika Vaev’s LED inverted coffered ceiling tiles to create beautiful upgrades within any drop ceiling. The tiles can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. The ceiling tiles are also approved and published with Mindful Materials and HPD. NRC rating .85 with an 8” air gap.

Deep Tile coffered

Medium Tile inverted

Shallow Tile coffered

Design Studio Tile Collection

Inspired by the success of its e3 Tile Collection, the Unika Vaev Design Studio announces new additions of self-adhesive tiles in four new shapes; Brick, Hexagon, Triangle and Waves. These tiles will tease your geometric temptations with unlimited installation options. The tile collection is designed with the 12mm thick Solid Color Core in eleven color-ways. Custom felt tiles are also available with an option of 34 color-ways of felt. The tiles can be applied on almost any wall substrate and installation is quick and easy. The tiles can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. The tiles are also approved and published with Mindful Materials and HPD. NRC rating .40.

Brick in green

e3 and Triangle in red

Triangle in light blue

Waves in dark blue

Hexagon in white

e3 in dark grey

Desk Screen Collection

The Unika Studio Desk Screen Collection is designed to provide solutions that address privacy, safety and ease of installation. The collection includes solutions for top of the desk and above/below the worksurface. Additional options include acrylic screens to provide addition social distancing solutions. You can choose between a wide variety of sizes, edge details and mounting hardware options. The collection solves any space planning issues with ease. Custom sizes are available upon request. Available in 11 color-ways. The screens are made of 100% Solid Color Core 12mm panels. The Desk Screens can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. The screens are also approved and published with Mindful Materials. NRC rating .40.

Desk Screen angled above/below screen

Desk Screen rounded with acrylic screen addition

Sky Acoustic Collection

The Sky Acoustic Collection celebrates the more whimsical elements of design. Paying homage to the beautiful things that we enjoy seeing outdoors in the sky, Unika Vaev’s collection of sound absorbing Sky products are easily hung from any ceiling. Available in three designs, and eleven color-ways, these products are sure to delight! The Paper Airplanes, Birds and Butterflies are made of 12mm Solid Color Core. The Sky Acoustic products can be recycled, emit no VOC’s and comply with California section 01350. The collection is also approved and published with Mindful Materials. NRC rating .75.



Paper Airplanes

Safe Business Signage

Workplace safety is very important. The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the day-to-day business routines across the country. Our Open For [Safe] Business™ Signage package helps protect and remind your employees and customers to observe safe practices to keep us healthy and protected.

The signs are fast and easy to install without any tools needed using Unika Vaev’s patent-pending T- Clip™ that are attached to each sign. The signs can be installed in any 2’ drop ceiling grid and are easy to move around existing sprinklers and lights. The signs are sold in a box kit of 20 signs with seven different messages that will offer direction to your employees in today’s changing office requirements.

Open For [Safe] Business™ Signage was designed with the environment in mind. Each sign is produced with 100% fire tested, low VOC, color-fast, recycled polyester. The signs are lightweight, approximately 24″ x 24″, 1/2″ thick, and printed on both sides. Custom signs are available through Unika Vaev’s Design Studio.

Unika Vaev was founded in 1975 and currently provides a wide range of solutions for Contract Textile applications. Unika Vaev’s extensive Acoustic Product Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetically pleasing sound absorption and diffusion solutions for ceiling, wall, floor, stationary and movable screens.