Ultrafabrics removes PFAS/PFOA’s in most of its collections, partners with Mindclick

Left Photo: Ultrafabrics Brisa upholstered on banquette at Universal Music office Pro
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Ultrafabrics, the global leader in performance fabric across 11 markets, is continuing to break ground on its sustainability journey, by announcing it has removed PFAS/PFOA’s from the bulk of its textile offerings. As well, Ultrafabrics products were awarded ‘achiever’ status from MindClick’s Sustainability Assessment Program, a groundbreaking database of environmental health performance ratings of suppliers and products in architecture and design.

Ultrafabrics promotes safer chemistry in its sustainability journey

Safer chemistry is vitally important to the future of the textiles industry. The use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing can cause safety and health concerns for both humans and the environment.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, better known as PFAS, are synthetic chemical compounds typically used for water and stain resistance. Studies have recently linked PFAS, which includes compounds like PFOA and PFOS, with a range of harmful effects on both human and environmental health. Many states and countries, including Japan, Ultrafabrics’ manufacturing headquarters, have adopted a ban on PFOA following the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).

Evolving with people and planet in mind, Ultrafabrics began transitioning away from PFOA over two years ago, ultimately removing it from all Breathable Technology styles, which includes Brisa, Brisa Distressed, Brisa Frontier, Brisa Forecast, and Fresco. The removal of PFOA also allows for most of these styles to now comply with Health Care Without Harms Healthy Interiors Safer Chemical Challenge.

Majority of the Ultrafabrics portfolio is PFAS/PFOA-free

Most Ultrafabrics collections do not contain any type of PFAS compound, with the exceptions being Ultraleather Pro, Reef Pro, and select custom collections. These Ink & Stain Resistant collections contain PFAS, but Ultrafabrics is already working on next-generation innovation to deliver better materials for manufacturers and end-users alike. The brand proudly creates fabrics that are safe for all and will continue to seek out viable alternatives that maintain our high standards while minimising the use of harmful substances, as they become available.

What is Mindclick?

Mindclick is a resource for architects, designers and specifiers to quickly assess the sustainability credentials of brands and their offering in the marketplace. It provides an Environmental Health Index that meets the demand for product transparency critical to the sustainable journey of any project.

Ultrafabrics is thrilled to announce that its complete library is included in Design for Health™ by MindClick at the Achiever Level! Design for Health™. The MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP) measures all aspects of its Environment, Social and Governance strategy from materials, chemicals, packaging, health, and end-of-use to determine a brand’s ranking.

Nicole Meier, Director of Branding at Ultrafabrics, describes this milestone, “In the spirit of an authentic and honest sustainability journey, we are pleased to share our exciting updates about our portfolio and PFAS/PFOA, as well as recently receiving the Achiever Rating in MindClick’s Sustainability Assessment Program. We want to empower our partners with the best products and information to make their design process successful.”

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About Ultrafabrics

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