Ultra Soft (and Safe!) to Touch: Hygienic New Leathers by Poltrona Frau

All Pelle Frau collections, including ColorSphere, the brand’s new collection which features 73 dynamic shades, can be specified with this new finish, for safer upholstery.

Poltrona Frau and Directa Plus Develop a New High-Tech and Sustainable Covid 19-Resistant Leather

Poltrona Frau has partnered with tech company Directa Plus, one of the world’s largest graphene producers, to develop a new collection of Pelle Frau leathers. The new collection will maintain all of the natural characteristics for which the Pelle Frau line is celebrated, soft to the touch and timeless in style, while benefiting from the extraordinary properties of graphene.

Graphene is naturally antiviral and tests show that it is highly effective against Covid-19. It is also reactive to body temperature, distributing or concentrating heat to be cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Graphene Plus, the extremely pure graphene sheets developed by Directa Plus, provides exceptional antiviral and antibacterial properties and improves heat regulation, electrical conductivity and resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet light.

Founded in Italy in 2005, Directa Plus prioritizes innovation and sustainability: it holds 31 patents for its own technologies, 23 at the approval stage, and has certified its materials and extraction processes to guarantee their complete safety for humans and the environment.

With this partnership, Poltrona Frau underlines its commitment to continuously developing innovative solutions while remaining faithful to its principles and values. Blending the finest leathers with new technologies and an enhanced focus on sustainability, the new line of Pelle Frau leathers demonstrate the versatility of the classic and timeless flagship material, and its capacity to adapt to the times.

About Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau is the Italian furniture manufacturer known worldwide for its long-standing leather craftsmanship and collaborations with the best Italian and international designers. Founded in 1912 in Turin, it is now headquartered in Tolentino, in the Marche region, in Italy.

Poltrona Frau manufactured numerous products which are now celebrated icons of design, such as the Vanity Fair and the 1919 armchairs, and was awarded several Design recognitions from highly respected institutions. The exquisite products in its collections, which are often endowed from one generation to the next, range from living and dining room, bedroom, storage and office, with a growing section of complements and lighting.

Poltrona Frau’s Leathership®, a word coined by the brand to describe its leadership in the leather industry, is a value recognized by the most prestigious car manufacturers who entrust the Tolentino-based company with the complex upholstery of their car interiors, often working on a co-design basis. In this way Poltrona Frau has collaborated with Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Lancia, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and Infiniti.

The Interiors in Motion department was founded in 1984 and also creates interiors for yachts, trains, helicopters and airplanes, collaborating with brands such as Pershing, Italo, Alitalia, Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Prestigious theatres, concert halls and auditoriums, museums, embassies, five-star hotels, shops, showrooms and travel lounges in some of the world’s most important airports. Thanks to its ability to combine sartorial tradition with advanced technology and research, the Contract department is also awarded the most challenging international contracts, fulfilling the dreams and the most daring requirements of the great architects. www.poltronafrau.com