Turf Expands Global Sales Team

The brand grows team to include North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Camille Zanona

Turf, the Chicago-based acoustic solutions company operating at the intersection of art, architecture, and technology, is excited to share its promotions and additions to the sales team.  Turf continues to have record-breaking growth, and to drive even more future growth, the brand is growing its team through a slate of pivotal sales roles. Camille Zanona, previously Regional Sales Manager for the East Coast, has been promoted to Vice President of Sales; Katrina Gatuz has been hired as Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast; and Jamie Gray has been appointed the brand’s first Director of Sales for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). With the expansion of the sales team, Turf positions itself to continue its success and innovation within the design world.

“As Turf continues to grow, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of the sales department, led by Camille Zanona, to support the increasing global demand,” states Rob Perri, President of Turf. “With the addition of a Director of Sales overseeing the EMEA, it will be the brand’s first role focused on bringing our stunning  acoustic solutions to commercial space designers and architects in EMEA.”

Camille Zanona brings more than 12 years of professional experience within the sales industry, holding positions at Skyline Design and Architectural Glass Works, that focused on expanding business, providing support to field sales representatives, and driving sales and business activities that maximized revenue, profitability, and market share. Zanona joined Turf in early 2022 as Regional Sales Manager for the East Coast and oversaw the overall sales, sales operation, and overall profitability of Turf in the region. After a little over a year in her position, Zanona demonstrated her exceptional leadership capabilities and proved to be an integral part of the team. Now, as VP of Sales she will lead the overall sales team and shift focus to a more global approach for the brand.

Katrina Gatuz brings extensive experience to her role, having held positions in the acoustics and design industries focused on developing new sales strategies, creating and maintaining relationships with local interior design firms, and overseeing and training sales representatives. A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s in architecture, Gatuz brings not only industry knowledge into her role but an understanding of the importance of design within her role and how specifiers think. A highly organized and self-motivated sales and marketing professional, Gatuz will serve as Turf’s Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast, overseeing all sales representatives within the region, developing and executing strategic plans, and ensuring that rep sales goals and objectives are met.

For more than 20 years, Jamie Gray has worked across design and acoustic solutions in the United Kingdom. Gray held positions at Levolux and Fabric Systems before starting and selling his own acoustic solutions company JBH Soft Furnishing. From there, he worked as an acoustics director at Vega Technology and later started his own company Napelii, an acoustics agency working with architects and designers to specify products. Gray’s addition to the company has been an essential one and as the director of sales for EMEA his responsibilities will oversee achieving overall regional sales goals, develop and execute strategic plans, and ensure that rep sales goals and objectives are met.

With principles of value, impact, clarity, leadership and ease to guide them, Camille Zanona, Katrina Gatuz and Jamie Gray each will serve essential roles to the brand and will lead their teams through coaching, support, and reporting metrics for each department within Turf.

About Turf Design

Since 2016, Turf has collaborated with designers and architects to create acoustic solutions that produce welcoming spaces. Turf’s artful acoustic solutions – ranging from ceiling baffles, wall tiles, screens, and more – are effortless to adopt, adapt, and install. From an in-house developed color palette to research-centered product development, each Turf design results in smarter products, processes, and tools so that designers and architects can focus on creating and leave the noise behind.

Turf seeks to design a cleaner, greener built environment with solutions that meet the most intensive sustainability standards, and processes that minimize waste and energy at every step. Using 60% pre-consumer recycled PET felt keeps Turf products 100% recyclable, and on-demand manufacturing keeps inventory-associated waste low. At Turf, yesterday’s scraps are tomorrow’s solutions; it’s either recycled into a high-energy-value fuel or experimented with to create new innovative solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, the Turf team is constantly pushing the boundaries of the felt material to produce tools for architects and designers to effortlessly turn their visions into reality.