Trial Date for Baker Manufacturing Company, Inc. vs. Next Technologies, Inc. Set for Late 2017

Baker Manufacturing’s NEXT height adjustable table

The trial date for the trademark infringement case of Baker Manufacturing Company, Inc. v. Next Technologies, Inc. (Docket No. 1:15-CV 01630, US District Court WD-LA) has been set for October 2, 2017.

Baker Manufacturing filed suit against Next Technologies on May 5, 2015, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition related to Baker’s federally registered trademark, “NEXT” (US Trademark Registration No. 3,534,505).  Baker Manufacturing, which is based in Pineville, Louisiana, has been marketing a line of height adjustable tables under the federally registered “NEXT” trademark since 2007.  The “NEXT” line received a prestigious Best of NeoCon Gold award in 2007 for innovation in height adjustability.  According to court documents, Baker filed suit against Next Technologies after repeated attempts to get Next Technologies to cease using its registered trademark.

The lawsuit alleges that Next Technologies, which is based in Georgetown, Texas, introduced a line of height adjustable tables under the name “NEXTDESK” in 2012, and alleges that the following names infringe on Baker’s registered mark:  NextDesk Terra, NextDesk Terra Pro, NextDesk Air, NextDesk Air Pro, NextDesk L Series, NextDesk U Series, NextDesk Solo, NextDesk Solo Plus, NextDesk Up, NextDesk Fit, NextDesk Custom, and NextDesk Conference.

Baker is seeking injunctive relief and unspecified damages related to its infringement claims.