Trendway releases CET extensions for complete product offering

Volo™ Wall

Trendway with Configura, the maker of CET Commercial Interiors software, on May 18 announced the launch of the complete Trendway product line as a catalog CET extension available on the Configura Marketplace. The full parametric graphical configuration (PGC) CET extension is also being released for Volo™ Wall,  a movable wall system manufactured and sold by Trendway. The Volo release is the full extension of CET and includes all the options, rules, and other attributes of Volo making it easier than ever to design new interior environments.

CET’s professional solutions are used by designers, salespeople, engineers and administrators in the commercial interior industry to fully automate the design and specification process, eliminating human error and increasing return on investment for users.

Configura continues work with Trendway on additional full PGC CET releases for the entire line of Trendway products, including new products currently in development.

“We are excited to bring this new design tool to our dealer partners across the country to help best meet their needs and grow their businesses. This CET extension will help them easily design, specify and visualize when designing projects with Volo and other Trendway products,” said Todd Holderness, general manager, Fellowes Contract Interiors.

Trendway also partnered with OST, a third-party partner to Configura to implement the full PGC extension of Volo Wall. The CET extension will be available for free to all Trendway dealer partners on the Configura Markeplace. Trendway will offer training programs and additional support for its dealers throughout the launch.

About Trendway:

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