Trending Now In Tile: Graphic Icons (Artaic)

Say it ain’t so, but it’s due time for standard tile and mosaic offerings to move to the wayside. Out with the old, in with the new, specifically mosaic masterpieces that feature customizable graphic icons. Rising in popularity and in tandem with the launch of the GLYPH Collection from Boston-based Artaic, a manufacturer that uses robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design, and fabricate award-winning mosaics, the use of graphic icons in tile design has become the talk of the town.

An approach to tile that can be best understood through the lens of the brand’s latest collection, GLYPH features playful, communicative designs, and bright graphic icons. Made up of eye-catching designs including Lore, Tropic, Metropolis, and Pooch in a plethora of colorways, as well as Storytime, a category of customizable graphic icons that add visual appeal the collection does what tile hasn’t done enough of before – provide customers with a way to create icons that represent their design vision or brand messaging to the fullest extend. Available in more than 180 colors, with the option to be mixed and blended, graphic icons can be created to match any desired style. A few examples can be found here:

Graphic Icons:

Fruit Smoothie

Sports & Leisure

Using the Storytime category of designs, clients have the opportunity to create completely new icons to illustrate the story of a unique personal or commercial brand, in which custom capabilities are offered every step of the way. This new avenue for tile, the trend we see as graphic icons, provides entirely new opportunities in design.