Tom Deacon & Keilhauer Introduce Trua


Trua in Wood

Understated beauty and unprecedented versatility herald Keilhauer’s new stacking chair

Keilhauer_Trua with sled base
Trua with sled base

When designing a versatile occasional chair, sacrificing form to function is unacceptable. Though light-weight and highly portable, the newest seating from Keilhauer, dubbed Trua, possesses demure elegance, thoughtful utility and comfort.

Trua was designed by, Toronto-based veteran, Tom Deacon who set out to create his most versatile work with a portable, high-density stacking seat that suited a refined aesthetic. His method of ideating, sculpting with clay and carving away the superfluous, is perfectly translated into Trua’s design: a flowing, single piece shell combined with clean lines. Its gentle curvature provides comfort and support to the user in addition to its eye catching display.

“The allure of Trua is the blend of beauty and function,” says Deacon. “Functionally, it serves as an incredibly high-density stacking chair ideally suited for occasional use. But with its clean lines and air-light feel it has a quiet beauty that complements the surrounding space without screaming for attention.”

Through modern design, lightweight construction and various model features, Trua is well suited for numerous environments from the closed office to the grand pavilion. Portability and comfort make Trua’s armless models ideal options for large gathering room or cafeterias. With the addition of arms it is transformed into a modern guest or conference room chair, where its airy feel can maintain the feeling of open, uninterrupted space.

As with all Keilhauer furniture, Trua is built from the highest quality materials, is designed and manufactured to last for many years, and is supported by Keilhauer’s standard 10-year warranty. As part of Keilhauer’s ongoing commitments to sustainability, it is manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

Trua is available in a number of models at standard seat and barstool height, with a sled base and four-legged varieties and optional arm rests.

About Keilhauer

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