Tim Gosling: New book on Furniture Design & Inspirations

Tim Gosling.Classic ContemporaryComing from Thames & Hudson, an in-depth look at the creations—both classic and contemporary—that have inspired revered furniture designer Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling has an international reputation for designing exquisite interiors and beautifully crafted furniture for a range of public and private clients. Whether he is faced with a Georgian town house or a Victorian mansion, a Venetian penthouse or a Florida home, Gosling’s response to the architecture and to the needs of those who commission his work results in a look that is both classic and contemporary. Every element of his designs is produced to the most exacting standards by highly skilled British craftsmen using the finest materials.

In the forthcoming book CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY: The DNA of Furniture Design (Thames & Hudson, February 15, 2016) , Gosling discusses the historical sources, from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, and the contemporary influences that have shaped his work. By analyzing in precise detail what made historic styles so successful, so long lasting, and often so beautiful, he is able to show how they can be adapted to suit today’s tastes. Gosling has a remarkable ability to reveal styles ranging from Regency and Victorian to Art Deco and Modernist in a new light.

“I grew up being fascinated about how things worked and what made something…something,” Gosling writes in the book’s Introduction. “How do you capture the essence of design? What are the tell-tale clues that allow you to understand when it was made and to what stylistic period it belongs? … My father, Raymond Gosling, took the first photograph of the DNA double helix alongside Rosalind Franklin in 1950. It is perhaps not surprising, therefore, that I have often tried to identify the inherent visual aspects of furniture design – its ‘DNA,’ if you will. If we can understand the basics of historic design as applied to furniture, we will be in a better position to break the rules, allowing us to continue moving design forward.”

Illustrated throughout with photographs and reproductions of historical artworks, CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY offers a privileged look at one of Britain’s most respected designers.

About the Authors

Tim Gosling graduated from the Central School of Art and Design in 1987 with a degree in Theatre Design. In 2005, following eighteen years as a Director at furniture design company Linley, he set up Gosling, a luxury bespoke design service, which has given him the freedom to design on a wider range of furniture and to explore the possibilities of historic and new materials. His work is privately commissioned around the world, and commercial projects have included the interior of The Goring, one of London’s most prestigious hotels, and the furniture design for the Bond Street flagship store of Jaeger-LeCoultre. He also lectures on furniture and design, and has produced a short film on the Regency period. His first book, Gosling, Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors (2009), was followed by a collection of his pencil sketches, London Secrets: A Draughtsman’s Guide (2012).

About the Book
by Tim Gosling
Foreword by Michael Palin
Thames & Hudson, February 15, 2016
240 pages, 235 illustrations
$75.00 hardcover, ISBN: 9780500517833