Thinkspace Brings Life-Changing Wellness Pod to North America

Award-winning, Neuron Activation Pod stimulates the nervous system guiding the body into a meditative state.

10-minute cycle reduces stress and anxiety. 

Technology is credited to boosting energy levels and reducing stress for doctors, nurses and administration at the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thinkspace brings an entirely new perspective on personal human wellness to North America with the Neuron Activation Pod. The pod stimulates the autonomic nervous system using low-frequency vibrations guiding the body into a meditative state. In this state, the body naturally heals itself. The benefits of the cycle continue throughout the day increasing recovery and aiding the user to a deeper night’s sleep.

Designed by Kevin Lahtinen & Ivar Gestranius of LoOok Industries, Finland, the pod has been used by workspaces, colleges and athletic organizations throughout Europe. The Neuron Activation Pod is credited to boosting energy levels and reducing stress for doctors, nurses and administration at the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The statistics on stress and anxiety in the United States stunned me,” said Anjul Chandi, CEO of Thinkspace. “I am passionate about bringing the most innovative products from Europe to North America to solve workplace challenges and this wellness pod totally does that. It offers a way to de-stress and recover easily, increasing employee performance and boosting their overall quality of life. Kevin and Ivar are geniuses for this ground-breaking product they have designed. It’s an honor to bring their innovation to North America.”

Designed with ground-breaking Finnish health technology, the pod is easy and intuitive to use. The Neuron Activation Pod experience includes the following in little as 10 minutes:

  1. Users recline in the pod, place the noise cancelling headset over their ears, choose their program and soothing music selection.
  2. The pod targets four zones with low-frequency vibrations to heal and recover the body.
  3. The user feels vibrations in the seat along the four zones. This paired with soothing music, the body begins to calm, entering a meditative state without any effort.
  4. Stimulating the autonomic nervous system, the body begins to heal where it needs to offering stress and anxiety reduction, increased metabolism, boosted immunity, athletic recovery and deeper, healing sleep.

“We like to think of our products as a place where stories begin. Our designs allow for greater stories with deeper connection. The Neuron Activation Pod allows the human being to recover, recenter and revive their body. Doing this, users can live their best lives and be their best selves. Their stories become more active, happier, deeper, richer and they connect more with others. We are excited to see our products in North America. We can’t wait to hear about the impact the Neuron Activation Pod will have on human lives.” Kevin Lahtinen, LoOok Industries

The Neuron Activation Pod can be tested in 15 locations across North America.

The Neuron Activation Pod made its debut to the North American market in the Thinkspace Showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago during the NeoCon show in June. The product was the buzz of the show and took home a coveted Best of NeoCon Innovation award and was an Interior Design HiP award honoree.

About LoOok Industries: We are not furniture makers: we are storytellers. When designing a product, we want to give it a purpose, a place in this world, a part in a bigger narrative. We want to give interior designers and architects fresh, new paints for their canvases, companies a chance to stand out with a glimpse of our Finnish design DNA.

About ThinkspaceFounded by Anjul Chandi & Mark Bailey, Thinkspace outfits the work environment with essential, beautiful, and fun furniture. A vibrant woman-owned company, Thinkspace is dedicated to bringing life back to today’s workspaces. All products are European designed and manufactured. Over the last 5 years, the company has become well-known as innovative, service-oriented leader in the acoustic pod category. With 5 inventory stocking locations across the US, Thinkspace can quickly deliver products in as little as 10 days.

Experience Thinkspace’s solutions in their brand-new Chicago showroom – 10th floor, suite 99 at the Merchandise Mart.