The Newest Solutions from Allsteel

Three new collections were recently launched at NeoCon by Allsteel, a leading manufacturer of products and solutions for the workplace, hospitality, education and healthcare industries:


Mural, a new award-winning modular furnishing system designed by MASHstudios, is meant to completely transform any static office into a fully adaptive office. Mural’s moveable base structure and flexible kit-of-parts allows any office layout to be reconstructed in real time, keeping workers shifting needs and expectations top of mind. Mural’s built in features include white boards, pin boards, and open shelving, which combines flexibility with functionality.

Mural’s choice-inspired flexibility allows designers to plan distinct neighborhoods within the office floorplate, supporting both individual and social zones. An innovative flex-connector allows spaces to re-form, flex and reconfigure as needed. With components for solo workstations, collaborative meeting places, huddle spaces, and reflection areas, Mural allows organizations to tailor environments to both the unique working style of the individual and the organization’s daily objectives.

MASHstudios’s multidisciplinary approach is evident in Mural’s ability both to serve as interior architecture and to facilitate individual relationships between workers and their physical environment. Inspired by the way many unique neighborhoods contribute to a city’s cohesive identity, Mural’s wide range of privacy screen materials allows companies to visually communicate their brand, while height-adjustable surfaces respond to individual preferences for posture, and ease of reconfiguration empowers teams to own and personalize their space. Mural’s built-in features also include marker boards, tackable boards, and open shelving to offer a user-friendly vibe and scale that anticipates a range of functional needs. Whether the office culture is refined and sophisticated, fun and playful, or edgy and progressive, Mural sets the desired tone.

As many people recognize the importance of the physical workplace to social well-being, sympathetic environments have become an essential part of the holistic approach to workplace health. Mural acknowledges that team members bring their full selves to the office, and require solutions that can respond to their array of needs, transforming the workplace from a purely functional boundary to a place for living and working well. Mural, as its name suggests, provides a responsive canvas for the many large- and small-scale design expressions that the modern workforce needs.



The Pli Task Chair is a light-task chair that is both highly responsive and makes motion easy. Pli supports contemporary workplace behaviors while offering a streamlined, modern, and approachable design aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any setting. Pli provides unparalleled comfort through a four-point seat suspension system that dynamically responds to the users natural shifts in seated postures, as well as a backrest that is specifically engineered to reduce the perception of a rigid perimeter. Pli is offered in task and stool height configurations with two arm styles, fixed and height adjustable. Choose from 5 mesh back colors and 4 base/frame colors in nature-inspired neutral tones, bringing elegance and comfort to any workplace.

Research has shown that movement is key to wellness. When preference or ability may prevent standing or other alternative working postures, traditionally rigid seat and backrest designs inhibit wellbeing by limiting range of motion. Pli’s intuitively designed seat and backrest provide not only immediate physical ease, but lasting support  throughout  the  day  without needing to be manually fine-tuned. Pli’s four-point seat suspension is complemented by front- edge seat flex through a waterfall design, an engineered-to-flex backrest, and a light scale control mechanism to provide ergonomic support and address diverse user activity with superlative convenience. Pli’s “less-is-more” sensibility allows the task chair to adjust to each unique user as they sit, move, reach, and work, smartly redefining seated flexibility.

Allsteel’s introduction of Pli not only provides the market with a solution that’s designed to intuitively support its user, but one that has been scaled to support the continued reduction in real estate and workstation footprints.



Logger from Corral USA and distributed by Allsteel offers eye-catching modular seating that serves as a direct reflection of any organization’s modern, imaginative outlook. Logger empowers designers to cultivate creative spatial divisions while offering workers a dual-sided perch for conversations, comfort, and other workplace social interactions. Designer Eric Pfeiffer found inspiration for Logger in the Northern California Coast, which is reflected in the organic shapes of each seating arrangement and brings the spirit and laid back sensibility of the outdoors inside of any workplace.

The Logger collection is intentionally flexible and customizable to allow designers to craft bespoke solutions for any setting or environment. Logger modules can stand solo or be combined to wiggle and wind through open areas, providing a seating solution that can be approached and engaged with from any angle. This multi-directional functionality makes Logger ideal for the popular open floorplates of contemporary workplaces, where architectural furnishings are needed to shape distinct environments without restricting traffic, inhibiting spatial flexibility, or interrupting sightlines. With 6 different styles and an extensive array of colors, Logger’s design possibilities are endless, comprising everything from standard sofa or lounge settings to circular shapes to serpentine seating arrangements. The components of the Logger collection include 36” and 72” straight lounge sections, 60° convex or concave curved lounges, and 90° convex or concave curved lounges to refine and define space.

Since 2020, Allsteel, Inc. has been proud to bring Corral USA’s modern, artisanally-inspired designs to North America’s contract environments. The addition of the Logger collection to Allsteel’s distribution portfolio will infuse workplaces with an emotional connection to natural craftsmanship that is sure to inspire ease and creativity.

About Allsteel

Since 1912, Allsteel Inc. has offered a world-class, comprehensive range of workplace products and solutions. We simplify the office planning process by helping our customers align their workplace strategy with their business strategy. The result is fit-to-business solutions that deliver meaningful change in a way that works for them today, as well as tomorrow. Headquartered in Muscatine, IA, the company has showrooms in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. For additional information, visit or follow Allsteel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

About Corral

Corral launched in order to collaborate with other American designers who also want to explore and further define an American design ethos for who we are and how we live and work today. As we increasingly domesticate our work space and multitask in our personal space, business and leisure have become a continuum to which products must respond in 360 degrees. This means using materials honestly, bringing craft into the production process, and blending utility with aesthetics, versatility with emotion. Furniture should make us feel at home—in the office or in our living rooms, at work or at play, alone or with friends. We listen and respond to provide an authentic experience wherever you are.