The LEGO Architect: Explore the World of Architecture Through LEGO


2015.0727.Nwy.NoStarchPress.TheLegoArchitect.fullIt’s one of life’s certainties: when you give curious kids LEGO bricks, they’ll build little LEGO houses.

But talented LEGO artists from around the world have taken the art of house building to new heights, and the results are sensational. The LEGO Architect (No Starch Press, $24.95, 192 pp., September 2015), a new coffee-table book from San Francisco-based No Starch Press, showcases art deco skyscrapers, neoclassical federal buildings, postmodern office complexes, and sleek modern homes—all built with thousands of plastic LEGO bricks by a community of remarkably patient and visionary artists.

According to Tom Alphin, author of The LEGO Architect, “The official LEGO Architecture sets are bestsellers because they allow people to experience architecture hands-on, by recreating famous buildings. My book runs with this idea, but with the broader goal of exploring many influential architectural styles.”

In The LEGO Architect, readers learn about the history of seven unique architectural styles and follow step-by-step instructions to build twelve LEGO models. Gorgeous photographic galleries of famous buildings will inspire builders of all levels to design their very own structures.

Readers of The LEGO Architect will build:
• An art deco movie theater
• Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
• Modernist and Sullivanesque skyscrapers
• Frank Lloyd Wright’s Willits House
• A brutalist library
• A high-tech train station

The LEGO Architect arrives in brick-and-mortar and online bookstores this September, just in time for the holiday season.

About the Author
Tom Alphin is a User Experience Program Manager at Microsoft and a passionate LEGO fan. He maintains a blog about LEGO and other things at

The LEGO Architect
Publisher: No Starch Press
By Tom Alphin
Print ISBN: 9781593276133, $24.95
September 2015, 4C, 192 pp.

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