The Curio Collection from Concertex

(Left to right) Napoli, Piazza, Ascot, Speckle, Guardian, Savile Row, Valiant

As we move through life, we become collectors. The objects we surround ourselves with exist to tell our story. The romance, the lessons, the mysteries, the adventures. Through what we wear and the objects we keep, we tell the world who we are. Our Curio Collection was curated using materials that will act as mediums for self-expression. We sought to be inspired by and transform rare, beautiful, and quality objects and places into new materials made to hold memories of their own.

Focusing on innovative performance fabrics, our products offer design solutions that disrupt the conventional idea of performance. The Curio collection includes Silicone Hybrid, Savile Row, which was first physically woven on a loom and then digitally interpreted to achieve a realistic woven look. Piazza is a high-performance embroidery that embeds a PFAS-free water-based finish making it stain- resistant, bleach cleanable, and over 200,000 double rubs. Designed with healthcare in mind and complying with healthier hospitals, Ascot is a new addition to our Etched technology, where metallics are inserted into the contours of the embossing.

Savile Row – Mulberry, Maritime, Flora, Mineral, Urbane

Savile Row was inspired by the bespoke nature and handmade finishes of high-end tailoring and British flair. Originally woven on a loom, digitally created, and then transfer printed on Silicone Hybrid, Savile Row offers a high level of performance and cleanability without sacrificing aesthetics through unparalleled printing clarity, and ultrasoft touch.

Piazza – Grigio, Pomodoro, Blu, Nero

Piazza makes a head-turning statement that transports you through Italy’s celebrated streets where embroidery, artisanship, and quality reign supreme. This high-performance embroidery remarkably passes over 200,000 double rubs with a PFAS-free finish that is bleach cleanable in an environmental formulation, enabling the embroidery to be used in heavy-traffic areas.

Ascot – Kingfisher, Bluebird

Featuring our Etched technology, where metallic were inserted into bird-like embossed figures, Ascot is a fun yet elegant statement. Designed with healthcare in mind, it complies with healthier hospitals, is graffiti-free, and bleach cleanable.

About the Company:

Technology is the foundation of Concertex’s approach to product design and development. Established in 2010, the brand leads the industry in material innovation and embraces the courage to change. Today the line has expanded to include six product categories; Textiles, Coated Fabrics, Wallcovering, Wall Tiles, Outdoor, and Acoustic Solutions. Fresh and original, Concertex is dedicated to disrupting the idea of performance products to revolutionize the hospitality, healthcare, and contract markets.

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